P90X2 Chest, Back and Balance

P90X2 focuses on balance much more than the original P90X did.  The theory is that it takes you from strong to athletic through core muscle development.  In this routine, there is an exercise called the Impossible/Possible. Tony warned me that this was a mother.  It consists of putting your feet on a stability ball while you perform push ups on a medicine ball. Today is the third time I have done this routine and the first two times, I had completed this exercise a grand total of ZERO times; that’s right, none, nada, zip.

I counted it a victory if I caught myself with my hands before I rolled over on my back. But today, I was able to get FOUR reps.  It was awesome. I think I figured out a secret by watching one of the guys.  If you are doing P90X2 and are having a similar issue, hit me up and I will walk you through it. scott@coachcrystalfitness.com


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