Meandering — Battle of Val Verde

The first of my meanderings.  I am a history buff and we are in the sesquicentennial anniversary of the War Between the States or Civil War.  (Or as Coach Crystal’s History teacher referred to it, “The War of Northern Aggression.” )

150 years ago today, the Battle of Val Verde was fought in what is now New Mexico. I knew there were battles out west but had never heard of Val Verde until today.  It was the first major action in the far west but did not result in a decisive victory for either side (according to the History Channel). 

If you live out West or are just interested in this battle, check out:


2 comments on “Meandering — Battle of Val Verde

  1. Thanks man. After reading your post some days back, I started looking for more info. I never knew much about Civil War battles in the west; don’t remember learning about it in school. It’s been fun exploring.

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