P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Obviously, I did not do three P90X2 workouts on the same day.  As evidence, I am still alive to blog.  I had made notes on my last three workouts knowing I was starting this blog soon.  Anyway, Shoulders and Arms workout is my favorite routine and not just because we again get to hear Tony give us the salient advice, “Dont smash your face!”

The first time I did this routine, I thought it was the easiest of the workouts.  However, this time, on the third attempt, I found it to be extremely challenging.  The difference is the worksheets.  If you are just doing the workouts without writing it down, you are really missing out.  If you write it down, you can see what you did.  And if your competitive, you will try to beat your numbers.  Doing this makes the workouts get much harder, very quickly.

I also like this routine because it is the one that my numbers are better than Coach Crystal’s!!  I crush her! Please tell her I said so… haha.


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