Meandering — The Death Star is how big??

Star Wars Ships

Comparing Star Wars Spacecraft to U.S. Spacecraft

With a title like mine, can you believe it took me this long to mention the greatest science fiction movies of all time?

I am meandering again.  Hey, it happens. This picture was found on  It was created by the Huntsville Times.  (Coach Crystal grew up in Huntsville).  Huntsville is a NASA town, hence the Saturn Rocket as the comparison vehicle.  If you have never been to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville (or Hunts-vegas as we call it), it is really worth the trip. 

While you are there, make sure you eat at Rosie’s for some delicious Mexican food.  I am certain there is something only the menu that is P90X friendly.  (But probably not the cheese dip, which makes me really sad, because it is so GOOD!! A treat every now and again is ok on any diet.)

So, did you realize how much bigger the Second Death Star was than the First?  I had no idea.  The both looked like moons to me.  I will have to rewatch the series just to check the size.  It shouldnt be hard, my two year old (almost three) is already a HUGE fan.  He got two lightsabers for Christmas (only one from me).

I actually had to tell him that we could not watch Star Wars because even I was becoming tired of them (that is all six movies, mind you).  I hadn’t watched Episode One since the it was at the theatres the first time, but he got that for Christmas, too.  I thought he needed to have the characters introduced and Darth Maul is still cool, even if the race scene is such a Ben Hur ripofff, in my humble opionion.


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