P90X2 — A day of rest

Its a rest day on my P90X2 schedule. I would love to keep busting it today, but I feel the soreness every time I get up from my desk.  I know that a day off is what my body needs. I never used to have problems taking a day off (or multiple days), but I really want to keep going today.  I credit (blame?) Shakeology.  I have been drinking the new Tropical Strawberry formula for about a week now. 

It cerainly seems I have much more energy since I hae been drinking the stuff.  Now, I understand that it could be a placebo effect, but that wouldn’t explain the loss of weight I have had this week. (Did you know placebo was from the Latin, “I will please?”  Cool, huh?)  In any event, there is much more that is good for you in Shakeology than you would ever find in a “sugar pill,” like Protien, Amino Acids, Antioxidents, Phytonutrients, and Prebiotics, to name a few. 

Whatever the reason, the stuff is good and makes me feel good.  Head over to www.CoachCrystalFitness.com for the rest of the story on Shakeology.


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