Birthday party and all that entails

No cats (or their dignity) were harmed in the making of my daughter's birthday.

My daughter turned five this weekend.  I remember birthdays being a cake, a few friends and family, and a few presents.  Well, things have changed.  We rented a place that includes inflatables throughout and invited tons of kids. The place was great.  They had the Frog mascot come in after cake and hand out “goodie bags” to all the kids.  I thought the “Dr. Fart whoopie cushion” as one of the “goodies” in the bag for the one year old may have been slightly inappropriate.  At least that went to family, and my brother and cousin thought it the most hilarious thing ever.

 After we loaded the kids up with sugar and sent them on their way, we had the task of  hauling home the enormous amount of plastic she recieved as gifts. What will the toy industry should we ever run out of oil to make plastic?  No more dolls that kinda look like famous Nickelodeon or Disney stars. Oh the humanity!

Speaking of birthday cake, this was not a great weekend for staying on the P90X2 diet or really any diet.  I just didn’t do it. I know I shouldn’t blame the cake (completely pink and covered with Barbie, by the way). And to be honest, it wasn’t just the cake. It was the eating with family who spent time with us for the celebration … the BBQ and the Buffalo Wings and the Coke… ok, so I fell off the wagon …and bounced pretty hard.

I did keep up with my workouts, which is something.  And the birthday cake is gone. (If all this talk of birthday cake has you hungry, check out .Cakes guaranteed to make you lose your appetite. Seriously, those guys are pretty hilarious! )

So its back in the saddle for the padawan.  Wish me luck.


One comment on “Birthday party and all that entails

  1. […] was coming to celebrate my daughter’s fifth birthday as he missed her party last weekend. (See Birthday Party Post Here.) After church, we wanted to take him out to eat. The only place without a wait was the Chinese […]

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