P90X2 – Shoulders and Arms – the Exercises

I decided that this post would be dedicated to providing you actual information!  I know what you are asking — why the sudden change?  (Alright, no need to be a smart aleck.) I just figured that you guys might like to know a little about the P90X2 workouts, especially if you are thinking about buying the program. And as this is my favorite routine, I thought I would start with this one.

Warmup — The warmup is a complete change from the P90X warmup.  It utilizes the Stability Ball for Twists, Squats, Lunges, Atlas moves (pick up off the floor and put on the top shelf — a move in p90X), and Side Stretches.  This is followed by Foam Rolling. You use a foam roller and your body weight to address sore spots and other issues. Tony compares this to a massage… maybe I haven’t quite figured out how to do it properly, but I would still rather have a massage.  Foam Rolling is a nice “catch your breath” period in the middle of the warmup.  Then comes Roller Sphinx which is holding a perfect pushup form while your elbows are on the foam roller.  Roller Angel is a chest stretch also on the foam roller. 

The World’s Greatest Stretch requires you to lunge and put both hands on the floor near your front foot before twisting and stretching each hand up toward the ceiling.  Inchworm is a hamstring stretch.  Finally, you have Table.  You have seen Table before.  Hands and feet on the floor, stomach up, opening your shoulders.  Well, Tony made fun of the big guy in the back, calling him a flower pot and cereal bowl because he was not flat.  Of course, compared to me, his form was perfect.  If he is a cereal bowl, I am a washtub.  Bite me, Tony.  But it does open up you shoulders… 

 The warmup is similar in most of the routines.  (Leg routines have a few more stretches for the legs and no Table.)  The P90X2 Shoulders and Arms routine consists of seven exercise performed in three sets with a water break in between each.  You perform all seven exercises before a break. In the middle set, I use bands instead of dumbbells.  It seems to work for me.

The excercises are:

Balance Curls: Standing on one foot, you curl weight. 

Alternating Arnold Presses: Standing on one foot, you do shoulder presses rotating hands from palms facing to palms away during the move.

Overhead Tricep Pull:  Tricep extensions while lying on a Stability Ball.  Tony reminds you of the key to this exercise… “DON’T SMASH YOUR FACE!!”

Crazy Eights: You have seen these before, but never balancing on one foot. one arm stays engaged, holding at 90 degrees while the other does 8 curls.  Switch every 8 until you do 32 reps.

Six Direction Shoulder Fly:  Straight arms, light weight. Hands goes up and out, then to the front, down, back up in the front, to the side and back down for one rep.  These BURN!!

Y-T Press: With your chest on a stability ball, you raise your arms in a Y and then a T for a rep.  You feel these too, even with light weight.

Rocket Launcher Tricep Kickbacks:  In a lunge position, with a foot on a chair, do Triceps kickbacks. 

My arms are noodles.  It hurts to lift them up to type. (Do you see the pain I endure for you, my readers?  You are welcome! Ha!) This is a good workout. Nicely paced, it will get the job done. When you are finished, don’t forget Ab Ripper 2.  It boots right up on the DVD.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  If you didn’t, loyal reader, don’t worry.  I promise most of my posts will provide you with little useful information, as you have come to expect. (Warning: I will be reviewing the other P90X2 workouts… what’s the point of this journey if I don’t let you know what I am doing). 

If you want more information on P90X2 or any other Beachbody product, as always, you can head over to www.CoachCrystalFitness.com.


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