P90X2 – Base and Back — the Workout


I wear a shirt when I do this exercise -- too much sweat otherwise.

WOW!  I thought about just ending the post there, but wow can have so many meanings.  You like plyo (jumping) right?  You like pullups, right?  Well, good for you, you will love this routine. Its pullups followed by plyo, repeated. Niether is in my wheelhouse which made this workout a mother.  Tony does give you time between moves to allow your heartbeat to come down, but you will be sweating profusely before this one is done. I do enjoy it much more than I did Legs and Back in P90X. It seems to move faster and be over quicker for whatever reason.

The routine has two rounds of the same 10 moves.  I do actual pullups on the first round (Tony says to stop at 12 pullups on the first round — I laugh every time, it will be a while before that is an issue for me!) followed by Bands the second round.  Since I can do so few pullups, the bands really work well after I have fatigued my muscles with the first round.  Ok, enough about me.  After warm-up (very similar to every warmup — see my article on Arms and Shoulders Workout on February 28), the exercises are:

No Kip Pull-Up– Dont swing, just go straight up and down.

Plyo Frog Squat – Touch the floor and then an easy jump.  You aren’t yet going for maximum height, just getting ready for the big jumps.

Wide Leg Close Grip Chin up–  No kip on this one either. Just Chin ups with wide legs.

Chair Jump – Go to chair pose, throw your arms down and jump with maximum height.

Chin Pull – Two chin ups followed by two pull ups and then repeat

Plyo Lunge Press – From a lounge with your right foot forward, you jump into a lunge with your left foot forward.  While you are doing this, you press weight above your head.  That’s right, I said you press WEIGHTS while JUMPING….

V Pull-Up – Pull up to each hand, yes, these are nearly impossible.

Surfer Spin — You jump and spin.  Yes, I got a little dizzy.

Kippy Cross Fugly Pull – maximum rep pullups, swinging your body to get the most reps you can.

Jack in the Box Knee Tuck – Touch the gound, jump up and pull you knees up high. Maximum height. Maximum hardness.

Whew!  Ok, now do those all again.

I think what makes it so hard is those dang worksheets.  In P90X2, like P90X, you right down the reps you do in most of your workouts. I have never written down plyo jumps before.  As you try to beat your old numbers, it just keeps getting harder.  But you do you best and forget the rest. And drink some Results and Recovery.  You need it.

As always, if you want more information or to get the bands or any Beachbody workout, including P90X2, head over to www.CoachCrystalFitness.com and tell her I sent you. Not that you’ll get any better treatment coming from my blog, but I might! haha!


3 comments on “P90X2 – Base and Back — the Workout

  1. terry4505 says:

    Hardest workout to date in X1 or X2. I managed 24 Kippys and 45 Jack in the box knee tucks in the second round yesterday. Nearly died


    • 24 and 45!! Wow! I have gone from one Kippy to seven and was feeling proud. And 24 Jacks has been my limit so far. Nice job, you sound like you could give Tony a run for his money!

      • terry4505 says:

        I just looked back at my Day 1 worksheet from last March. I was doing 3-5 pullups, assisted. And totalled 31 for the workout.

        I did 163 yesterday. Keep up the good work.

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