Ab Ripper X2 — How I hate you, when will I love you?

Base and Back Post

Those of you familiar with P90X know that Ab Ripper comes up after the lifting workouts.  The exercises are difficult and I found myself just watching through some of the exercises.  Not the best way to tone the abs, but they were just beyond me.

Hello, Ab Ripper X2.  It is different from its predecessor in numerous way.  It is still a kick butt ab workout, but it seems shorter.  The exercises are as hard, but Tony was gracious to invite “Bobby” to be in the video.  Bobby obviously has ab muscles similar to mine because he modifies almost every move, which is awesome.  Following Bobby’s moves allows me to actually do most of the routine, though it burns.

I have been feeling so proud of myself for getting through Ab Ripper X2.  Then came Base and Back routine (see my recent post describing this mother). I cannot believe that I went back to my old habit of watching them workout like it was a television show.  I was completely wiped out.

 I finished the routine, but and was mad at myself.  Then I remembered Tony’s words:  “Do your best and forget the rest!”  Will, I am not forgetting, but I am not beating myself up, either.

Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if I should add some P90X Results and Recovery formula into my water?  I think I will try that.  Wish me luck…


One comment on “Ab Ripper X2 — How I hate you, when will I love you?

  1. terry4505 says:

    I think base and back has that effect on people. Try doing ARX at a different time (I workout in the morning, and will sometimes save ARX for the afternoon/evening.

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