My Fitness Pal

A neat tool I have discovered in my fitness journey is  It is both a website and a smart phone app.  In its basic form, it is a calorie counter. You can enter your calories as you eat. Or you can compare calories when making food choices (it has an extensive library of foods, including fast foods).  It is also FREE!!

I find that it is good to know exactly how many calories I have eaten on any specific day. It also acts as a chart of your weight if you enter it every day or week. You should check it out.  You can see my wight loss chart below…

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


6 comments on “My Fitness Pal

  1. terry4505 says:

    I am using it and love it. I thought I was eating healthly, until I started tracking and realized how wrong I was.

  2. CarliAlice says:

    I’ve tried all kinds of things like this but I’m horrible at keeping up with it. I took a look though and it does seem like a really good tool.

    • I am the same way. Something about having it on my phone helps me to keep track. It helps me most after dinner when I am tempted to raid the kids’ treats. I can see whether there are any calories left for the day. If not, I reach for the water…(I know, I should reach for the water anyway, but sometimes, I just want something sweet.)

  3. spinmethin says:

    I love my fit pal!! I am always tempted to eat more than I should, so every day (well… most days) when I complete my food diary and get that little “megan is under her calorie goal” I will look at it like 10x a night to stop myself from going to grab more food. I also love checking out my nutrition at the end of the day… I like to keep an eye on protein and calcium intake and gaze lovingly upon my consistently low cholesterol intake ha ha. What helped me really stick with it was having a buddy, every morning we email our stats for the day to each other (calories, workouts, weight gain or loss) and that has pretty much turned using mfp into a habit (one that I may or may not be semi-obsessed with, ha ha!)

    • I have a little group with my family so we can keep up with each other. It leads to a little ragging. My brother stopped logging in, the quitter. Haha.That might be easier than emailing though I dont know that we can see all their stats.

      I do love being able to eat a Hershey’s kiss if I am under my calories at the end of the night. Though that is probably not recommended. haha.

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