Chinese Buffet, the perfect ending to a poor choice weekend…

Sumo originated in Japan rather then China...further proof that Chinese Buffets are not serving authentic food.

What? I know you are asking… let me start at the beginning, its Sunday. But not a normal Sunday, its Children’s Church Sunday.  We were recently asked to help out by directing a Children’s Church class once per quarter. Our daughter is five, so we teach her class.

This was our second Sunday… the first was a complete disaster. Apparently, its unusual for the adults to be the ones crying. Ha!  No crying today, so it was much improved.

Today was also the day that Coach Crystal’s ex-step-father (that is way too long a story) was coming to celebrate my daughter’s fifth birthday as he missed her party last weekend. (See Birthday Party Post Here.) After church, we wanted to take him out to eat. The only place without a wait was the Chinese Buffet.

Yes, I ate at the Chinese Buffet including both fried and saucy.  I ate 3/4 of my calories for the day in one meal.  I know the food found on Chinese Buffets is not authentic, but it must not even be in the same family.  If it were, Sumo would have been perfected in China rather than Japan.

Does anyone else find fake Chinese food difficult to resist?


2 comments on “Chinese Buffet, the perfect ending to a poor choice weekend…

  1. Yes! Fried rice, egg rolls, dumplings, so good…but billions of calories.

  2. The calories in a Chinese Buffet are like the stars in the universe. We can only guess how many there are, but we know it is an awful lot!! haha.

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