Meandering – Funniest Movie of All Time

I am meandering again.  Well actually, Doug Gottlieb of ESPN is a P90X2 spokesman.  See him doing P90X2 with Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, and Tony Horton in the P90X2 video on this page.  But that really has nothing to do with this post.

Doug has developed his own bracket pitting comedies against each other in an NCAA tournament format.  Like the NCAA tournament, there are four brackets with seeds from 1 to 16.  The favorites get lower seeds. So Gottlieb believes the lower seeds are the funnier movies. However, the public gets to vote to determine who advances. First Round voting is going on now here. But here is how the voting should go:



(1) Monty Python/ Holy Grail crushes (16) Liar, Liar. It’s not even close.

(9) American Pie in a slight upset over (8) Spaceballs.  A close one, but had to go with the Pie here.  (For your brackets, in the real NCAA tourney, 9 seeds actually win more than 8 seeds in the first round.)

(4) Major League over (13) Smokey and the Bandit. Charlie Sheen when he was actually “winning.”

(5) Happy Gilmore over (12) Step Brothers. Love Will Ferrell, but this was not his best movie.  And Bob Barker saying “the price is wrong, bitch” is truly priceless.  But Happy Gilmore as a 5 seed?!?  Way too low Gottlieb!! (Another bracket hint, at least one number 12 usually beats a number 5.  The trick is picking the right one.)

(3) Slapshot vs. (14) South Park.  I haven’t seen Slapshot, but I don’t want to vote for South Park.  What do you guys think?

(11) Coming to America in an upset over (6) The Big Lebowski.  “His Momma named him Cassius Clay… I’m gonna call him Cassius Clay!!” Hilarious!!

(7) Ghostbusters destroys (10) Clerks.  One of the biggest blowouts in the first round.

(2) Tommy Boy in a squeaker over (15) Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I really liked FSM, but Tommy Boy is just funnier. This one is really close for me.


In the HAPPY MADISON division:

(1) Dumb and Dumber over (16) Dirty Work. I haven’t seen DW, but it stars Norm McDonald.  I like Norm, when he was on Saturday Night Live saying “Germans love David Hassellhoff.”  (Another tip, always pick the 1 seeds.  They have never lost a first round game in the NCAA tourney.)

(9) Groundhog Day over (8) Office Space. I think I might be in the minority here.  I just like Bill Murray.

(4) Friday beats (13) Annie Hall — who??

(12) Meet the Parents surprises (5) Nutty Professor.  Here is the 5-12 upset in this bracket.

(3) Old School defeats (14) The Blues Brothers.  Another mis-seeding here. BB seeded way too low.  But when facing competition like Old School, there was not much it could do.

(6) Blazing Saddles whips (11) Half Baked.  While Blazing Saddles was not P.C., it was hilarious!!

(7) Superbad vs. (10) Super Troopers.  I have not seen either of these. Am I lame or what?

(2) Airplane over (15) The Break Up. Love Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston.  This movie was cute, but no Airplane.


The other two Divisions aren’t up yet. What do you guys think?  Where am I way off base?


6 comments on “Meandering – Funniest Movie of All Time

  1. cruz2lose says:

    Nailed it! Groundhog Day is one of my favorites! : )

  2. CarliAlice says:

    Agree. Groundhog Day is the best movie ever! I could watch it over and over. No pun intended!

  3. stockdall says:

    I hated Clerks, I thought it was a horrible shock comedy. My two favorites are Spaceballs followed closely by Monty Python. I feel bad, but ground hog day is still on my “too see soon” list.

  4. david says:

    I love the Holy Grail and Meaning of Life … Hard to pick which one is the funniest! With John Clease in mind, one of the films I laughed the hardest through was “A Fish Called Wanda”

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