Meandering – Funniest Movie of All Time Part 2

Doug Gottlieb of ESPN   (See him doing P90X2 with Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, and Tony Horton in the P90X2 video on this page)   has developed his own bracket pitting comedies against each other in an NCAA tournament format.  These are my picks for the second half of the  First Round. See my first half here. Voting is going on now here. But here is how the voting should go:

In the National Lampoon Division:

(1) CaddyShack crushes (16) Knocked up

(9) The Princess Bride in  a slight upset over (8) Kingpin.  If I failed to pick one of Coach Crystal’s favorite movies of all time, I couldn’t go home.

Yes, Ron, Yes you are!

(4) Anchorman smokes (13) Ferris Bueller. Anchorman may win the thing.  All time greatest cut-down: “smelly pirate hooker.”

(12) Talladega Nights over (5) Spinal Tap. “Shake and Bake”  (Another 12 over 5 upset!)

(3) Ace Ventura whips  (14) Napolean Dynamite.  I remember rolling with my Dad and brother watching this one as a kid.

(6) Wayne’s World over (11) Trading Places. Excellent!!

(7) Something About Mary wins over(10) Borat.  And not just because of the Birmingham scene in Borat.

(2) Wedding Crashers destroys (15) I love you, man. Anchorman and Wedding Crashers in the same division?!?  This is a tough division.

In the JUDD APATOWdivision:

(1) Naked Gun destroys (16) Road Trip. It is supposed to, it is the one seed. O.J. Simpson may hold this one back, but not this early.

 (9) Big Daddy gets by (8) 40-year-old Virgin. Buzzer beater at the end.

(4) Billy Madison beats (13) Baseketball– really??

(5) Fletch holds on to beat (12) Bridesmaids.  BM was hilarious, but Fletch is a classic. Close, hard fought game. Both should be proud of their performance.

(3) The Hangover defeats (14) Tropic Thunder. 

(6) Dodgeball defeats (11) Stripes.  “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” 

(7) Austin Powers in overtime stops (10) Christmas Vacation.  So very close, if Chevy Chase hadnt fouled out in overtime…. haha

(2) Zoolander in a huge upset  over (15) Animal House. I KNOW I am supposed to like Animal House better, but I really don’t.


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