Coach Crystal’s News

Coach Crystal was just named one of Birmingham’s Top Attorneys.  She received the honor in her field, Commercial Real Estate. She was also recently named Shareholder in her firm.  How she balances her career, getting her body into great shape, her 2nd job helping others lose weight and get into shape as an Independent Beachbody Coach (, and her family is amazing.  But she does.  (She also falls asleep before 10 and gets plenty of sleep — I don’t think you can get her body changing

How hard do I have to work to get abs like this?

results without adequate sleep.)  She does miss Spartacus on Starz (great show but NOT appropriate for children and its also extra bloody this season, sometimes unnecessarily so), but I guess being so successful requires some sacrifices…I am not sure she considers that a sacrifice.  Hahaha!! 

Yeah, I am proud of her. 

Anyone else watch Spartacus?  You really should.


3 comments on “Coach Crystal’s News

  1. cruz2lose says:

    Congrats to Coach Crystal! : )

  2. stockdall says:

    Wow, congrats to Crystal. I actually work in real estate myself and that is quite an honor.

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