P90X2 – Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.)

Phase 3 of P90X2 has started. I was just introduced to P.A.P. PAP is defined as, “an acute after effect of enhanced muscle force output of explosive movements after a heavy resistance exercise.” Yeah, I don’t know what that means either.  But apparently, it was developed by Russians for their Olympic training and brought over after Communism proved its non-viability.  Well, that might be hearsay, but it sounds good to me.  Have you ever seen Rocky IV??

Courtesy MyMovieReviews.com. I think he did a lot of P.A.P.

Well, P.A.P. Lower just kicked me hard.  It was different than anything I have ever done.  I will need to do it again before I can explain the exercises, but suffice it to say, I may be walking funny tomorrow.

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