The Power of the Darkside…and Cookies!

Courtesy of You underestimate the Power of the Darkside...

   Today was the day.  I was forced to weigh-in after my horrible weekend of eating where I exhibited less self-control than a Lannister at a family reunion*.  A birthday party did me in again. A cookout for my six-year-old cousin.  I had eaten well all day knowing that there would be good food at dinner.  And there was, but I was watching portions and doing ok…until time to open the presents.  Somehow I ended up right beside a plate of homemade sugar cookies.  So I tried one.  They were delicious. So I had another… You know where this is going… six cookies later, I was saved by Coach Crystal, who gave me her seat on the couch (away from the cookies).  I figured out later that those cookies had almost 200 calories each.  Amazing how an extra 1200 calories can wreck an otherwise ok day.

 So the weigh-in occurred and I was up, but not terribly so.  I am not going to beat myself up for it. That is not productive.  Besides, the guy in the Four Hour Body suggests a cheat day once a week (haha, how do you like that self justification — he also recommends what to eat on all the other days which seemed quite draconian to me (and which I am not doing)). Anyway, it is done and I am moving forward, but if I see either a man in black with breathing issues or a little blue monster, I am running the other way. I will not underestimate the dark side again… (well, I will try not to anyway.)  

 *By the way, if you missed the reference, you  should read George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones of the Fire and Ice Series.  AWESOME!!  I am reading the series for a second time and I have NEVER done that before. A more realistic and adult Tolkein…I love it!


18 comments on “The Power of the Darkside…and Cookies!

  1. cruz2lose says:

    Six cookies eh? That is about how many Three Tree Olives Cake vodkas I had Saturday night. Shamefully detoxing with my juicer this morning.

  2. Haha… Sounds like we are both back on the horse. I wish the damn thing would stop bucking me off!!

  3. davygordon says:

    so I was down in edisto beach, sc over the weekend. Dad mentioned this bbq joint… Being a sucker for bbq, I figured a plate would be ok. Oh yeah this bbq was named best in all of america a couple years ago… Ten bucks got all you can eat. :/ I lost control. it was too good to quit.

    It’s a brand new week for me. I’m back to my weekly regiment. I def need more self control in the weekends.

    • So, I guess that would be North Carolina BBQ (mustard based sauce)? The Great BBQ Feud… Kansas City v. Memphis v. North Carolina v. Texas (though Texas doesn’t really count, that is Beef and real BBQ is Pork Shoulder).

      BBQ… the thief of dreams. Or is that cookies?!?

      • North Carolina BBQ is more vinegar based with red pepper flakes. It is possible that the western part of NC uses mustard, but I grew up off the tangy stuff in eastern NC.

        I think I would rather have a cookie or two.

      • davygordon says:

        honestly being from the carolinas, i prefer ketchup/molasses over mustard/vinegar based. and yes real bbq is pork shoulder which is oh sooo good

  4. I have fallen victim to mindless eating so many times before and I think I have gotten over the feeling of guilt a long time ago. Sad, but true. I’m definitely trying to be less of a troublemaker these days, but it’s difficult. Happy, healthy journey with less cookies to ya!

  5. Girl Scouts are the “pushers” and cookies are my drug of choice. The marketing behind only having them avaialble for a limited time each year… GENIUS!!

  6. From the few minutes of research i was willing to do… the mustard addition to the BBQ sauce is actually associated with SOUTH Carolina BBQ (which apparently is in the same family as both Eastern North Carolina BBQ (vinegar) and Western North Carolina BBQ (ketchup)).

    I personally like Bham BBQ because I live here and it is good (I think it may be part of the Memphis family)

  7. aliferevived says:

    We are all going to stumble on occasion… and not to excuse it, but a lot of the top body builders have regularly scheduled cheat meals (or even *gasp* DAYS!) to ward of moments such as these. If you find yourself cheating often, schedule a cheat meal (perhaps the evening of way in) where you can file away the things that make you want to cheat. Like, “Okay… the dark side has cookies… but they don’t have milk. If I really want this cookie I will save it for my cheat meal and have milk!” So anyway – take it or leave it. My trainer doesn’t allow cheat meals (wah!). But I do get Easter off… it isn’t gonna be pretty haha. Good attitude, don’t beat yourself up. LOVE Star Wars btw!

  8. I love Star Wars, too, but you may have guessed by the blog title. That is really good advice. i tried the Four Hour Body which had that idea in it, but the rest of the diet was SO difficult, that I just couldn’t do it. But the cheat DAY was Oh so fun!! Thanks for the input. i am going to think about that…

    Oh, and the Dark Side could never have milk. Milk is good and wholesome. Luke drinks milk, not Vader. (I just pictured Vader with a milk mustache… and I promise I am not drinking!!)

  9. 6 cookies that was nothing rare for me on a day to day basis, but no more. I am starting to change my ways and hopefully I can keep it up! Great posts by the way.. very interesting blog!

  10. I know “cheat” days…

    And I totally got the Lannister reference!!! I have book 4 sitting in my room, waiting for me to start reading it…

  11. Darn cookies! Good job not getting to upset over it! I need to learn to do well as stay away from cookies! We must arm ourselves with healthy treats lol.

  12. I definately think we need to brainstorm for a Weekend Plan…maybe something like a “Rule of 2”? If you’re going out and will be around tempting things. Survey your options and pick only 2 of those temptations. That way you aren’t denying yourself, but you aren’t binging. Thoughts?

    • THE RULE OF 2 — I like it (and I think it sounds more official in ALL CAPS, dont you?) You should see my weight log from myfitnesspal. It creeps down m-f and then shoots up during the weekend. I dont gain it all back, but it is still ugly!! So I need something.

      2 cookies would not have blown my diet nearly as bad… and that is one cookie for each hand!! Take two and walk away from the platter!!

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