I am honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. I am just glad that someone likes to read my strange meanderings. Thank you stopping by. I also want to thank cruz2lose for nominating me. These ladies are hilarious and you should really check them out on their fitness journey.

The rules of accepting the nomination:

Thank the person who nominated me. Done.
Include a link to his/her blog. Done.
Nominate fifteen blogs I enjoy and follow. Done.
Inform said bloggers about their nominations. Done.
Lastly, share seven things about myself. Done. 

Seven random things about me:

1) I am a civil litigation attorney in Birmingham, Alabama.

2) I graduated from the University of Alabama. Roll Tide.

3) I am also a Buffalo Bills fan, yes, I am a glutton for punishment.

4) I have started the draft of a book, but it is nothing like this blog.

5) My grandfather was a farmer and I have hauled my share of hay and picked my share of peas. I moved to the suburbs to pretend I was still a county boy.

6) I think the Fire and Ice series from George R.R. Martin (“A Game of Thrones”) may be the best series I have ever read. I cannot decide if he is better than Tolkien, but he is a rival.

7) I hope my blog makes you laugh and maybe inspires you to take this journey toward fitness with me.

Here are my nominations for the award (in no particular order):







Weight Loss and Corinne




Of Course this is happening inside your head, Terry






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