Meandering — Braves Spring Training

I am meandering again.  But if i talked about fitness, weight loss and diet  all the time, how would you ever know how well-rounded and fun the Padawan is? So I was perusing my local website and saw this headline:

Braves’ Chipper Jones says end of his career is near

Really? This is not a news flash (though maybe the fact that Chipper realizes it is what is newsworthy).

 I am an Atlanta Braves fan.  I have enjoyed Chipper’s career.  (or Larry’s career (his real first name) as Mets’ fans like to chant, whenever there are enough Mets’ fans in the stadium to start a chant — bazinga!!–They also give him hell about a Hooters’ girl, but come on, so he dated a Hooters girl, big deal.)

However, as much as I like to watch him with a bat, his defense has become unwatchable. He is 39 years old and has had surgeries on both knees. Defense was never Chipper’s strong suit, and with his injuries, his range is … how shall I say… limited. If the ball is hit directly at him, he can make the play, but if he has to move more than two feet, it is a hit. After season ending surgery in 2010, I was surprised he played last year.

He is back this year to give it another go.  Braves’ fans love Chipper.  He is the lone carry-over from the 1995 World Series.  He was there for most of the 14 years of making the playoffs and he can still hit.  I am sure I will catch some flack for doubting him.  

I hope his knees feel good all season. (He has missed five games because of leg soreness in the preseason.) I also hope the Braves have a backup who can play at least 1/3 of the innings this year. (How about someone with a bat as well as a glove?)  And I hope he is able to recapture his youth and movement that allowed him to make plays at third.

You know the really scary thing for Braves fans, even with his lack of mobility, the Braves were still better with him in the lineup.  With the Phillies and their dominant pitching and both Washington and Florida getting significantly better, it may be a long season for Braves fans.  But its Spring Training and hope springs eternal… and at least we aren’t the Mets!! HAHA!


One comment on “Meandering — Braves Spring Training

  1. davygordon says:

    chipper is my hero! but dude is old. same like ken griffey jr. i was glad he retired. i can understand the power of the game and what it does but when it comes down to not producing for your club, time is time. i hope chipper stays somewhat healthy. that’s my boy. but the braves to have their work cut out this season. at least we ain’t the mets! ha

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