Meandering – Suspenders and Seersucker

The seersucker suit (not me in it, but you get the idea) traditionally worn with red suspenders and white bucks. (I don't have any white bucks, either.) 😦

Summer will be here soon, and I told my wife that I needed red suspenders to go with my seersucker suit (it is a Southern attorney thing…think Matlock). She is not a huge fan of the suit and was not convinced suspenders would improve the look. Thanks to chumpy76 for the ammunition. If the Bible says I need suspenders…

Check out chumpy76’s blog here. What do you think of a seersucker suit?  You love it, right?!?! HA!!

Me in my seersucker. If you don't know seersucker, it's hard to get a good idea of the fabric from this pic.


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