Running and not Getting Burned!!

So Coach Crystal has been angling toward us doing the Warrior Dash in Jackson, Mississippi. Yes, that is both of us and includes her padawan; who prides himself on being a non-runner.  (Don’t hate, my runner friends, I want to like it, I just don’t).

  I had never heard of the Warrior Dash until she told me that she wanted to do it.  Apparently, it is 3.4 mile obstacle course which includes a mud pit, jumping over fire, and other obstacles. Afterward, there is a costume party or something with beer and food?!?! I finally agreed to do it with her.  There are a couple of scheduling issues we are working out, but if we can get those figured out, we are going.

So anyway, I figured I might need to make sure I could run at least most of the course. (I do not think the running will be the difficult part, so I figured I should have that down.) I am not a runner and make no claim to be, but I ran a 5k (3.1 miles) on the treadmill in 36:39 today.  I thought that was decent time.  (Apparently, really good runners run it in 12-15 minutes — I guess they sprint the whole way?? )  I am not trying to win a race, I am just trying to make sure I can get through it without passing out and still have enough at the end to not get scorched!!

The 5k wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t terrible either.  Now that I know I won’t pass out during the run…who is going with us??  HAHAHA!

13 comments on “Running and not Getting Burned!!

  1. Just wanted to say that your time is a decent starting time. Depending on how long you have till the race I bet you could get it below 20 without a problem. Keep in mind if you want to run that kind of race you will probably want to get outside some as hills will make the run seem all that much longer. All that being said…I applaud you for being willing to run that race. I have wanted to in years past, but have yet to actually train long enough to feel like I could even complete it. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the tip and the luck. Its about five weeks away so I can get a little better, but not too upset if I don’t. (i just don’t want to finish last… know what i mean?) My main training is p90x2 and i hope it will help me on the obstacles…

  2. davygordon says:

    I’ve always heard about that warrior dash. but never got a chance to do it! and thanks man. pops will be alright for now. not much anyone can do so just enjoying family time as much as we can you know.

  3. Radically Authentic says:

    I say go for it! Mud, fire, adrenaline. It’s like mainlining self-esteem! You go girl! Shelby
    P.S. Thanks for liking my post a!

  4. Uh yeah…that looks terrifying! I’ve always been fascinated by those things like Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash, but I feel like I would stink up the place and be laughed out of there. I hope you guys do it!

  5. debbieroper says:

    I did The Warrior Dash last year with my daughter and a group of friends from our gym. It was a ton of fun! It’s like a 3-mile party with mud, obstacles, and laughter the whole way!

  6. Warrior Dash is great! I love obstacle courses, because they remind me of the fun I had on jungle gyms as a kid. And it ends with viking helmets and beer! What’s not to love?

  7. spinmethin says:

    I definitely want to do the warrior dash someday! Exercise was never, ever a part of my life until a little over a year ago when I started to train for a 7k (first time running anywhere ever)… it took me an hour to finish but I “ran” the whole way. I’m doing it again this year and am planning on a sprint triathlon for fall. Warrior Dash will hopefully be sometime in 2013. Even just the thought of these types of things is so thrilling… I never thought it was something I could do before. Can’t wait to hear about your Dash!

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