P90X – One on One

St. Patrick’s day  — named for a Saint, right? Then why does the devil always tempt me with his green beer and green treats?  We had a grill out at my house this weekend.  Nothing crazy… good food, good friends and good basketball.  And green beer.  Absinthe isn’t the green-eyed monster, its green beer.  Needless to say I overdrank (is that a word?) on Saturday.  I also overate.  I don’t know why I am so bad on Saturdays.

Anyway, all the food made my Sunday workout less than ideal (P.A.P. Upper).  I had done twenty unassisted pullups on Thursday (four sets of five) but could do only two yesterday before needing the bands.  The whole workout was just blah (I hit play and was sweaty, but not the normal P.A.P. sweaty).  Today was scheduled for a rest day, but I decided I needed some more upper body work.  So I tried out the Tony Horton ONE on ONE Upper Body dvd that we had gotten free.  (You get two free One on One workouts if you order from a Beachbody Coach (cough, Coach Crystal, cough–was that plug shameless??  haha, oh well!! ;)).

The ONE on ONE series is the transition series between P90X and P90X2. This was Tony, by himself, performing a workout he had never done before (so he claimed).  It was sixteen moves, many of which made it into P90X2. Included was one of my favorite, the imp0ssible-possible (though in ONE on ONE, it was simply called the Impossible push-up).  There were pushups followed by ab moves (some of which are in Ab Ripper 2).  Tony was his usual insane self, but he was having a difficult time with catching his breath.  I am sure it is because I have almost completed P90X2, but I loved it.  There was just enough rest followed by difficult moves to keep me engaged without making me cry.

I will be putting this in any repertoire for a P90X/Insanity combo I design following P90X2 and my date with Insanity.

 I failed with Mr. Shaun T once before, but am feeling confident this time. It’s not really that bad, just a lot of cardio for which I wasn’t prepared.  That and my ego wouldn’t let modify like I should.  Keep checking back, more on this to come!!  And let me know if you are interested in starting Insanity with me in a couple of weeks.  I would love to have a support group…


6 comments on “P90X – One on One

  1. haha I know how you feel about saint pattys day.. I also overdrank and it has been coming back to bite me for a couple days now.. anyway good luck with insanity again.. I know you can do it!!!

  2. Leesah Em says:

    I have to disagree with you on the absinthe. The first and last time I drank it I got lost in a forest in Austria!

  3. I am in my last 2 weeks of p90x and i’m totally psyched that you checked out my blog! I will be going for another round though because I started off with p90x very unfit just straight from the couch, so I plan on making this round different.
    It is such a good workout program, I just love that time of day when it’s p90x time! It worked on so many aspects of my personality and strength.

    • I love P90X. I did get a little tired of it after 90 days (especially my Friday routine, legs and back). I am planning on doing it again, but am doing Insanity now and am thinking about trying Chalean Extreme or Bodypump next.

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