Apparently, this saying is not new, but I just saw it today on Weight Loss and Corinne (awesome blog, by the way); Sweat is FAT crying!!

Make it cry -- it deserves it!!

Now I am motivated to make it cry.  P90X2 — get ready because I am bringing it today!

 And fat– I don’t feel any pity in making you cry… You know the old saying “Guests and fish both smell bad after three days”?  Well, fat, you have also overstayed your welcome. 

You are always trying to make my clothes too tight, to wind me when I try to exercise, to lower my self esteem, and I think you are trying to kill me!!  Enough is enough. My body is no longer your home.  So if I hurt your feelings a little, call me an ass as you leave, but just GO!!!

Ok, people, who else is ready to get mad at fat?!?!?


8 comments on “Motivation

  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! If I can figure out how to re-post I will. 🙂 (If that is okay?!)

  2. BTW, I just made it cry like a baby!! 😉

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  4. Great post.
    I think of it as fat melting.

  5. Hah! That’s awesome. I wish I could post this up at my gym.

  6. istayinshape says:

    This is funny. I like it. Any way people get motivated is a good way.

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