Rest day — I am not a bum

Today is a scheduled rest day in P90X2.  I can tell my body needs it, my legs feel “wobbly” as well as sore and my shoulders just feel tired. 

I also understand that rest is important. The breakdown of muscle tissue as a result of training takes time to repair and grow.  High intensity exercise in the area of strength training includes plyometrics. In the area of cardio, high intensity exercise is defined as working at an intensity of 75 percent or greater of your maximum heart rate for at least twenty minutes.

 Both Post Activation Potentiation routines in P90X2 would be defined as high intensity for both these reasons.  Rest is necessary after high intensity routines.  The recommendations I have seen suggest 24-48 hours rest between such routines for your body to recover. So after two days of P.A.P, I am taking a day off. I may do the stretching and foam roller routine, but I don’t count stretching as exercise (although I know it is also good for me).

So while I know I need the rest, both intellectually and from the way my body feels, I still feel like such a bum when I take a day off. Plus I have to be even more careful regarding my food intake because I don’t get the extra calories for the exercise (thanks,

Do any of you every feel a little down on off days?  (To some, I know that sounds crazy… I would have thought I was crazy for even asking that just a few short months ago.)


13 comments on “Rest day — I am not a bum

  1. chumpy76 says:

    I wouldn’t say I feel down on rest days, but I definitely need to be more careful about what I eat – I get used to those extra calories from the exercise.

  2. magnuminsp says:

    I do feel “down” on days I don’t make it to the gym. I am also usually tired and exhausted at 9:00 at night. On days I do workout, I am up until 10:00 and beyond!

  3. thebestme4me says:

    I am mentally and physically ready for a day of rest during the week. It took me many yrs of exercise and healthy living to realize that a day off does not equal wt gain or loss of my physical gains. I look forward to it, but then look forward to a good, hard workout the following day!

  4. Leesah Em says:

    You have read my posts over the last few weeks–def feel down/off/ick-tacular when I am not running well. The benefit is that it makes you appreciate the good days!

  5. I like the “thanks, myfitnesspal.” I could hear (if I’m not mistaken), in your writing voice, the love/hate relationship that both my husband and I have with our food diaries. I know it’s been key to his 40-pound weight loss, but I feel like it’s mocking me when I don’t get that workout in. Those are the days that I have NO calories left at the end of the day. Good thing I’m not taking it at all personally, eh? Ha ha.

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  7. rongarofalo says:

    Even if it was a couple of epic days before the rest day I feel kindo of bummed out. But I find something nice to do that day like take a walk. I know my body needs the rest so I make sure it gets it when needed because it will only make you stronger. Rest days do need to be earned.

  8. Denise says:

    Tomorrow is my first off day from Insanity and I’m looking forward to it! I just completed my last workout for the week and I’m exhausted! But I will definitely have to watch my calories like you said and that will be hard considering it’s my b-day vaca. And I will feel like a bit of a bum so that’s why I plan to get in a leisurely walk or bike ride 🙂

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