Alligators, Alligators Everywhere

Sorry, I have been absent from my blog… It feels like I have absent from everything but work. Many of you know that I am a trial attorney. I had trial this week.  Trials are rare in civil litigation.  It had been well over six months since my last one.  For those of you without loved ones in the legal field, trials take over your life.  There is so much to prepare for, so much to do.  You put a lot of things on the back-burner to get those ready.(Thankfully Coach Crystal is also an attorney and understands… she is in corporate work, so when her job gets the craziest (end of the year) the courts slow down — we make it work ;). 

The trial  is over now (except for the briefing) and I have returned to my desk to handle all the alligators that swam up while I was preparing and in trial. Today has been hectic, but I have gotten most of them back in their cages.  Sadly, I haven’t worked out since Sunday and my diet on the road has been anything but stellar. It also doesn’t look to get back to normal until next week (mother-in-law visiting until then).   I will be relatively good and hit it hard again for my last week of P90X2 before starting Insanity.

P.S.  Did you guys pick up on that… I described eating healthy as NORMAL rather than a DIET??  Who-hoo – I am getting there….slowly.


8 comments on “Alligators, Alligators Everywhere

  1. cruz2lose says:

    Welcome back! : )

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s the great thing about getting out of the “diet” mindset. Eating is healthy sounds so much better. Welcome back! 🙂

  3. Stealing Shade says:

    This “diet” mindset is definitely the biggest obstacle… I preach “good/fresh eating” all the time, yet still binge on cookies and chips… still thinking once a goal is reached, I can go back to old habits… there’s a reason these habits are bad…

    …Thanks for “listening” to my ramble…

  4. Good to have you back again. I hope your trial went well! WOW 2 super fit attorney’s? You guys are a super power couple! 🙂

  5. martha84 says:

    I love when my life gets to that point… When eating food I used to love is just meh anymore… And it feels out of the norm. Eating healthy really isn’t a diet! It’s just a delicious lifestyle choice.

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