Meandering — Is Easter a Pagan or Christian holiday?

This question has always interested me.  You have the eggs and bunnies as signs of fertility. But you have Good Friday and Easter Sunday as well. I am certainly not a theologian (though I was a history major). I found this explanation from Methodist Minister Todd Stepp both informative and interesting.  You can read it here. (Full disclosure, I am not Methodist, but he explained it using quotes from Obi Wan in Star Wars!!  You know I was going to be all over that.)

His take, it depends on your point of view.  Spring celebrations occurred long before the Resurrection. In that sense, Easter was a Pagan holiday first (and is likely the origination source for the eggs and bunnies).  However, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.  The Jewish celebration of Passover forms the backdrop of the crucifixion story.  As such, Easter is celebrated near the time of the Passover celebration.  I thought it interesting that the word “Easter” originated from a Pagan goddess of spring.  Other languages use a word derived from the word Passover for “Easter.”

Anyway, he does a better job than I could ever hope to do, but the gist is that if you are a pagan, you feel Christianity “took over” your holiday.  While Christians believe that the most important day in the history of man, the day God in human form, perfect, allowed himself to die as a sacrifice for man’s sins so that man might be saved, dwarfs any prior celebration. 

Is Easter Pagan or Christian?  The answer is…both.  So “drink your water, people!!” And stay away from all the CANDY!! 😉 


5 comments on “Meandering — Is Easter a Pagan or Christian holiday?

  1. I think a lot of our holidays have morphed from what they were originally into what they are now.
    Some are still morphing, like Christmas.

    MAN DO I MISS THE CHOCOLATE!!! Waaaaahh! 😦

  2. Durable says:

    well said. Ro 14 gives us a good perspective on such muddy waters.

  3. debbieroper says:

    How about I drink the water and stay away from MOST of the candy?

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