Accountability… no matter how I dread it.

I know I owe you all (or y’all) progress pictures. There are several reasons you haven’t gotten them. One my old computer has been having all sorts of issues and my pre-P90X2 shirtless pictures seem to have disappeared (you should thank my old computer — you probably just avoided nightmares).  The second is that I am just a little self-conscious (alright, a lot).  Of course, the reason I started this blog was to document my journey toward fitness.  And accountability is part of that process.  So without further ado…

What is so sad is that these all came after the first time I did p90x… why I decided to gain half of my weight loss back, I will never know.

After 30 days...

Ok, after 90 days of P90X2 (without following the nutrition plan except for drinking Shakeology for breakfast (starting about halfway through the program)), I lost 10 pounds and gained some significant muscle especially in my shoulders and arms.  Not there yet but closer than I was on my journey toward fitness:

Hiding the trouble spot!! haha

Consider these my before pics for INSANITY…


16 comments on “Accountability… no matter how I dread it.

  1. Awesome! Keep aiming for your goal. You do need to change your diet…you can not out exercise a bad diet.

  2. Awesome progress!

    Oh and excellent use of the word y’all! 🙂

  3. emma says:

    Keep with it, I admire you for that. By the way, you could please send a little motivation my way? Since I started my “get healthy” blog I’ve not lost weight, not exercised much, not lowered my blood sugar, and not yet found my motivation. Help!

    • Motivation is hard, it comes and goes… I saw an article on motivation just the other day. One of the best suggestions was to make a concrete goal. Mine is … I weigh X, I would like to weigh Y, that is a loss of Z pounds. This brings your rational mind into play and helps you make better decisions.

      I also go back and count my chins in old pics… MOTIVATION!! that and a Warrior Dash coming up in two weeks in which my wife (Coach Crystal) is going to crush me if I don’t pick up my cardio!! haha!

  4. spinmethin says:

    You should not be so self conscious! Yes, you may not look quite like the dude from insanity yet, but it’s not like you’re anywhere near like… biggest loser territory or anything. I see guys that aren’t even in half as good shape as you (ok lets be honest, 1/16th as good shape) strutting around shirtless like they’re gods gift ha ha!

  5. Way to go! And kudos for your bravery in sharing the pics. You make us all feel a little closer to our own goals. Shelby

  6. JuiceJohn says:

    The inspiration I needed. It’s so hard for me to stick to a plan when the options of laziness, beer, and potato chips are so readily available.

    Keep up the good work!

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