INSANITY — Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Well, guys, I have been doing Insanity workouts for five days now. Insanity is difficult, but not the monster I remember.   I finally repeated a workout and thought it was a good time for a review of Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

First to set the scene, Shaun T is in the middle of a basketball gym with grey walls but high windows.  He has about fifteen or so people behind him (all in good shape) ready to workout.

Now those of you familiar with Plyo from P90X or X2– good news, this is not that. It stresses the cardio and not the plyo.  Insanity, as a whole, has a weird naming system.  I guess “hard cardio” for each disk would just be confusing… ha.

Plyo Cardio starts with the WARMUP (much different warmup than P90X — this is actually part of the workout, I don’t care what anybody says 😉 which consists of:

Jogging in place;

Jumping Jacks;

Heisman — you lift a leg (actually both legs) in this move, but it really looks nothing like the Heisman trophy;

1-2-3 Heisman — take three steps and lift your knee to your chest;

Butt Kicks;

High Knees;

Mummy Kicks — imagine a very energetic mummy, who is sort of trying to dance, maybe??

So there is the warm-up.  Did you go all out??  You silly rookie,  because after 30 SECONDS for water, you do it again. And then again at full speed.  Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… I had this figured out by the second day. START SLOW!! 😉 (Shaun T starts out slow… for him. It still looks pretty fast to me.)

Then you get a stretch and the sweat pours off your body.  Literally dripping… now the workout starts:


Suicide drills — if you have ever practiced basketball… these are nothing like the suicides you did there.  Imagine touching the lines without all the running in between.  (How far can you run in your basement, anyway?)

Power Squat Jacks — low squats that you power up from;

Mountain Climbers — hands up and knees up like you are, I guess, climbing a mountain… if you actually tried to climb a mountain using this method, you would die.  Not from the fall, you would actually never “climb” the mountain, you would just look silly at the bottom until you had a heart attack and died;

Ski jumps;

Now take 27 seconds to catch your breath and 3 seconds to sip some water before you do it again… And Again.  But after the third time, don’t stop, you still need to do:

Switch feet — arms and legs straight and scissor jump back and forth;

Football drills — I coached football, I played football, I HAVE SEEN THIS DRILL!! (or something close) yay!!

Whew!  Done!! Now you get your well deserved thirty seconds… Shaun T does not play around (He’s smiling cause he loves it… yes, he said this… I wanted to punch his smiling face… or at least flick sweat at him!! haha.)


Basketball drills — I coached basketball, I played basketball, I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS DRILL!! Bend over and pick up the imaginary ball, and jump up and shoot.  I am pretty sure not many shots begin with you getting the ball off the floor, but whatever… haha;

Level 1 Drills — jump into plank, do four push-ups, do eight floor runs and jump back up…again, again again, you get the point…;

Ski Abs — From plank, jump both knees up to the left arm, back, and to the right arm;

In and Out Abs — In plank, now jump your feet in and out.

Ok, now sip some water and do this three times.  On your last set, jump up and:

Throw Jabs;

 Cross Jacks;


Open Hand “Attack” – squat and punch open-handed jabs.

Now a stretch and you are done. Congratulations, you are still alive!! Hahaha

 In weightlifting , you would call these Rounds “Supersets.”  Shaun T makes them hard.  The good thing is, the guys (and gals) working out on the video are having a real hard time too.  Shaun T keeps encouraging them (and you), but will tell them to take a break when their form gets bad (and they take one). It makes you feel good to see  them struggle as well. Or maybe I am a sadist.

One interesting comment that Shaun T made to one of the girls… “You never wore a sports bra before Insanity, did you?”  And she agreed.  I wonder if the next commercial for INSANITY will list female breast augmentation as one of the benefits??  haha! (Coach Crystal assured me that he meant she didn’t exercise before INSANITY, but I like my theory better.)

Alright guys, keep up the good work and let’s stay on the path to fitness.


17 comments on “INSANITY — Plyometric Cardio Circuit

  1. terry4505 says:

    I hate the naming system. With P90X, the name tells you exactly what to expect (when it says “Shoulders and Arms” you do shoulders and arms)

  2. I like that the people in the video are struggling, too. (maybe I am also a sadist 😉 ) but there’s nothing worse then doing a workout, thinking you are going to die and the people on the screen are still smiling and not even breaking a sweat. I hate those people 🙂

  3. noregrets74 says:

    Wow! Reading this makes me tired! Good luck and keep at it. Maybe I will try that after my Dance Party with Shaun T:)

  4. coachdougbowers says:

    Insanity? It’s definitely a tough workout for sure. Hovig, one of the trainers at my MMA gym, puts us through basically the same routine…and more…for each Muay Thai class before we put on the gloves and pads for training. Yes – he is a litle sadistic and I sometimes wonder why we pay for this! Awesome routine – I haven’t sweated this much since running in India. You’re lucky though – we don’t get as many water breaks!

    Nice post. Lovin’ the sweat.

  5. spinmethin says:

    Your mountain climbers description gave me the lolz… I hate those things!

  6. Leesah Em says:

    Ok. I def. am going to try this after I run my half marathon in North Dakota in May. Sounds quite interesting..oh and for the record–i always have worn a sports bra when working out. lol.

    • Hahaha!! That is now on the record!! 🙂 Oh, and I was informed that he probably actually meant that she never wore ONLY a sports bra before INSANITY… so my augmentation theory is probably debunked. 😦

  7. Dani Cee says:

    I love the INSANITY workout!!! It is definitely an intense results-driven workout! Keep up the good work!

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