Warrior Dash Training

So today was an off day for INSANITY and I decided to try to simulate the Warrior Dash. Crystal and I are running the race April 21 in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s a charitable race benefiting St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Its 3.4 miles interrupted by 14 obstacles. Check it out here.

So here was my workout today:

Ran 1.4 miles in 14:30 minutes

10 Push Presses of 95 pounds

.5 miles in 5 minutes

10 pull-ups (5 wide and 5 narrow)

.5 miles in 5:40 minutes

Dumbbell Bench plus 25 push ups and 5 plyo pushups

.6 miles in 7:50 (I was really wiped by this point plus the Lebatard show was on — havent seen that much, but it is funny.)

10 pull-up (5 wide and 5 narrow) (I did two sets because I am just excited I can do any!! Thank you P90X2 and Beachbody bands!))

.4 miles in 5:30

So I did the 3.4 miles in about (times are approximate from memory, I looked but didnt write them down) 38:40.  Not too bad. I jogged most of the way and ran a portion, but walked more than I ran.  I imagine I will be doing about the same in a couple of weeks.  I know those obstacles (crawling through mud, under barbed wire, climbing  walls, running through tires, and jumping over fire, to name a few) will be tougher than what I did. Check out the obstacles here. I hope P90X2 and INSANITY have me ready for those!!

What exercises should I do to help me prepare for these obstacles?  Any ideas??


19 comments on “Warrior Dash Training

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    That’s awesome! You are gonna have so much fun at the Warrior.
    I ran the Spartan last year and that was kind of tough but the Warrior was held at a ski resort. Hills! Hills and Mountains! But it was awesome! You had a great workout and finished in good time. Get in some high jumps because you may have to be jumping up and climbing over walls…they were tough.But then again, so are you! Rock on!

  2. toldinvain says:

    Hi! Saw you liked my post so I came to check your blog out as well, I LOVE insanity! I travled around Asia all summer and brought it with me! Good luck with training, looks like you’re doing amazing!

  3. Leesah Em says:

    First of all, totally jealous that you are training for a warrior dash. Second, and totally unrelated, I have nominated you for a very inspirational blogger award! http://30andlearning.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/very-inspirational-blogger-award/

    Keep up the awesome blogging! 🙂

  4. Jean-Michel says:

    Excellent Work, One Step at a time!! Thanks for the like Scot. you might want to try a TABATA Style workout, its an amazing and fast way to get your cardio up and shorten your recovery time between obstacles. Start with a 30 sec on 30sec. off and move to shorten the rest period to 20 on (full out) and 10 sec. off keeping your recovery time shorter and shorter. Use common sense. Periodasation is the key here. All the best and Keep it UP Sir! but most of all have fun during the Warrior Dash.

    Cheers and Here’s To Health. 😉

  5. chumpy76 says:

    wow, that is impressive! those mud and obstacle runs look like a lot of fun if you can handle them.

  6. Coach W says:

    Your routine looks fine. I’ver trained a few client sfor “fun runs.” So I would suggest a few additional tips

    1) Find a long steep hill and walk up and down it. Or just do long walks at the highest incline you can handle on a treadmill. Unless you are doing the dash at the competitive level there will be a lot of bottle necking, stop and go, that kind of stuff. You want to get comfortable with a heart rate that is elevated at a slightly uncomfortable but not pushing it level.
    A lot of people going in think the obstacles are the hard part really it’ the hills and the ‘hurry up and wait”

    2) Strengh Exercises for your legs. Preferably unilateral movements like split squats, step ups, lunges, etc. Leg muscle can suck up a lot of oxygen and glycogen at inconvenient times, and cramp. Make sure you hit them from different angles

    3) Farmers walks. Grip can become an issue after jumping in and out of cold water

    Given the time frame I can’t really advise much else. Oh, you might want to consider supplementing with Beta Alanine. it can help with muscle endurance in these type of performance situations.

    Best of luck. You’re going to have a blast. A lot of positive energy at these kind of events 🙂

  7. cruz2lose says:

    Can I count reading your work out as doing my own? ; )

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