Meandering … AT&T U-Verse – Not again!

First let me say, I really love Uverse.  I have only one complaint…AT&T doesn’t find it necessary to pay the paltry sum to show all my Atlanta Braves game.  Anytime the game is on Peachtree TV, it is not on my television.  I complained all last year, but this year, I heard that Fox Sports was going to be simulcasting the Peachtree games.  I was ecstatic, I get Fox Sports.  Alas, no.  Still no braves.  So I am missing about a third of the season.  Directv always showed Braves games.  Will I switch back because of these games… probably not (such a pain), but this is certainly STRIKE ONE, AT&T!!  Two more and you are out!!

Also, I went over my calories today.  Maybe I am just projecting my aggravation at myself toward U-verse.  Let me think about that….

Nope, give me my Braves, U-verse, give me my BRAVES!!! hahaha


7 comments on “Meandering … AT&T U-Verse – Not again!

  1. rmadere says:

    I’ll pass this complaint up my chain of command.

  2. magnuminsp says:

    Consider yourself lucky! DTV is going to start eliminating channels, or, you have to pay for all of their programming to get the channel you want.

  3. jenkakio says:

    Blasphemy. I don’t watch baseball on TV, but I LOVE going to baseball games in person. I just love the game, the yelling, hot dogs, and beers. If I was a fan, man, I would be pissed. Maybe they might be streaming the game live on the internet?

  4. RobertG says:

    Thank you! I hope enough Braves fans voice their outrage over this and we can persuade ATT to pony up the dollars.

    • yeah, the problem is I really like Uverse otherwise… and my wife is not nearly as outraged as I am about the Braves… haha!! so what am I going to do if they dont… which is what they are counting on.. 😦

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