Anyone feeling as BLAH as me…??

I didn’t eat well this weekend.  I missed a workout yesterday.  Its raining today.  Anyone feeling as blah as me today?  Hoping to do an Insanity workout at lunch… anyone have any motivation they can send my way?!?!


12 comments on “Anyone feeling as BLAH as me…??

  1. Stealing Shade says:

    I try to imagine the awesome energy I feel when I’ve finished a great workout. Those endorphins really help make me happy!! I get ’em!!

  2. p90xmomma says:

    It is a blah day all around! I’m a little north of you in HuntsVegas so the weather never helps me… I seem to lack in motivation when it’s raining outside. I get tired and just feel lazy! And today I have a dental appointment complete with sedatives so I’m not sure I’ll get my Week 4, Day 1 P90X workout in, unless I lie in the corpse pose for 90 minutes!

    There’s one thing that always draws my motivation – not matter what else is going on. And it’s a little “note” I wrote to myself on December 28, 2011 when I was at my heaviest weight ever. It reminds me of where I was and the steps I’ve taken to get to the place I am today. Sometimes going back and drawing on what led you to where you are today is the right motivation – of course different for everyone. 🙂

    Good luck and keep pushing play!

  3. rmadere says:

    If it motovates you that this fat IT guy got up and ran today, I did. 🙂 Last week had me down. Have a good lunch and get that Insanity in. That will help. If nothing else, take a 15 minute walk to get those good neurochemical flowing.

  4. bgddyjim says:

    It is absolutely going around lately. You’re not alone – I had to miss one today too, and it was only partly cloudy! Unfortunately 50 mph winds don’t go well with riding.

  5. jenkakio says:

    I feel blah always during the weekends. I just feel like that’s my time to just sit, blog, watch TV, and hang with friends. I know I have to slightly modify that lifestyle if I seriously want to loose some weight. At least I’m not alone.

  6. cruz2lose says:

    I have faith in you! : )

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