Motivation appreciated

Thank you for all that sent motivational comments, messages, or thoughts my way.  I just finished INSANITY – plyometric cardio. I am drinking my Orange-sicle tasting RESULTS AND RECOVERY formula, (YUM!!) and am feeling really good despite the thunder outside.

This is the very reason I started this blog…to help me achieve my fitness goals.  It didn’t stop me from eating chicken wings on Saturday or a chimachanga on Sunday, but it kept me from just giving up.  Thank you, everyone, for just being out there.  I knew that to give up would mean I would have to admit failure and/or disappear from this blog.  And I really like you guys.  So I am back on the horse… (sorry, horse, for those extra four pounds after this weekend, but I will get them off soon. haha!)

I told you the blog would meander, my journey toward fitness will, too. I hope you guys did better this weekend, but if you didn’t, come get back on the horse with me!!


9 comments on “Motivation appreciated

  1. Leesah Em says:

    Glad to know i’m not the only one who was bad on the weekend. 🙂

    • Define bad. When it came to diet, I spent three days like I was still in college…hahaha

      • Leesah Em says:

        cream based pasta and beer at the pub on Friday, baking sugar cookies to top chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (with sampling and taste tests along the way), followed by eating treats at a baby shower and left over cupcakes on Sunday and today. lol…so yeah…not necessarily college food, but def. not great. lol.

  2. coachdougbowers says:

    We all fall down sometimes – getting back up is the important thing. Just remember it shouldn’t be a torture test, just a journey to better health. I will enjoy my cheesecake without guilt!
    Rock on, you’re doing great


  3. jenkakio says:

    I’m so proud of you, most people (including myself) would give up. By you not giving up makes me not to give up! You rock!!!

  4. cruz2lose says:

    I am so glad to see you are doing so well! : ) Never giving up, that is what it is all about!

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