Is that exercise appropriate for children…to see? (INSANITY — Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs)

Today was my first time doing Cardio Abs.  It was intimidating knowing that I had another routine following Pure Cardio.  Pure Cardio is warm-up, stretch, and 15 or 16 cardio exercises done for a minute each without any rest in between.  Well, it is not designed to have a rest, but I took a break or two.  (I think about everyone in the class did, too, including Shaun T). I was proud I was able to get through all three rounds of the warm-up without taking a break. (Yes, the warmup is hard.)

So after it was over, you have to press play again for Cardio abs and you get another warm-up.  I almost freaked.  Thankfully, it is only one time through and not as intense as a normal warmup.  The rest of the routine is on the floor.  (But no sit-ups or crunches). Just because it is on the floor, doesn’t mean it is easy. I was so wiped at the time, but I don’t think it is as hard as P90X’s ab ripper. I could do all the moves (though I did take some breaks). 

The last move was very… interesting.  You start out in plank and do, what can only be called a type of hip thrusts.  Then you sink to low plank (plank on your elbows) and do more hip thrusts.  Up and down for four sets. I felt like I was training for some type of pornography Olympics.  I diverted my eyes from the television because that was just more than I wanted to see…Haha~!

Has anyone else done Cardio Abs and felt very strange performing the last exercise? Am I just doing these wrong?


22 comments on “Is that exercise appropriate for children…to see? (INSANITY — Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs)

  1. martha84 says:

    I’ve been meaning to try the pure cardio as a supplement to my weight training because I am no good at “traditional” cardio – I can’t focus long enough! I will probably not be doing porn star Olympics in the near future though 🙂 thanks for the heads up!

  2. p90xmomma says:

    Now I’m terrified to try the INSANITY program but more specifically the ab workout! Ha!

  3. aaahahahaha I hate when workouts make you feel uncomfortable. SQUAT THRUSTS!

  4. terry4505 says:

    Pure Cardio is my favorite Insanity to just throw in and go. It is short and sweet.

    You are not alone about the last move in Cardio Abs. My girlfriend walked down stairs one day and was like “umm… what are you doing?”

  5. Ryesandshine says:

    I really enjoy the cardio abs video, awkwardness aside! It’s fun to do every now and then after you finish the whole program… A good go-to.

  6. jenkakio says:

    I agree with you, Insanity warm ups are actual workouts…i don’t care what anyone else says! LOL I’m proud that you got through cardio abs! Good job.

  7. spetrovich says:

    I haven’t tried the Insanity workouts, but I remember the first few times I did the warm-up for the P90X2 workouts and thinking, “This is just the WARM-UP??” Not that it’s super intense, but it definitely felt more like a workout than a warm-up.

  8. After reading your post, I thought…hmmmm…which exercise is he talking about. Then I did my cardio abs and I couldn’t do anything but laugh the whole time. Which is another form of ab workout, so I think I did good. Hahahahaha.

  9. Leah says:

    All I do is my moms abs & cardio abs, because im really small and just like to keep toned. But my brother walked in when I was doing the last part and he started laughing so hard! LOL yeah, I always feel really awkward doing it and hope nobody walks in! Definitely not for the gym. Haha

  10. I was doing something similar as part of a class I was at today….It was really disturbing when the instructor was peering down at me telling me to keep up the good work just as I was thrusting my hips up!

  11. sherrylcook says:

    Good for you! you are way ahead of me, I’m just now recovering from the barbarian…..just now starting to run again….oh, thats right, I’m much older than you! lol

  12. […] This post was funny because it talks about the Insanity video cardio section, which requires doing hip thrusts, and hoping your kids don’t walk in! (You think that’s embarrassing, try practicing bikini poses when your kids aren’t looking!) […]

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck on your fitness journey!

  14. No matter how awkward it is, still totally worth it when your as right? Lol

  15. No matter how awkward it is, still totally worth it when your abs right? Lol

    I had a typo on my first comment (ABS)

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