Doing it again…

I just signed up to do it again!! May 20th — North of Atlanta, Georgia.  WARRIOR DASH!! Coach Crystal will be out-of-town, so I will be racing against her time…41 minutes. (Don’t tell her, but this course is a little shorter, so I have a chance.  (Though from its geographic location, I expect it to be hillier (is that a word… more hilly?))).  Anyone in  Georgia, South Carolina, or Tennessee want to come run with me??  I promise, it is a blast!!


16 comments on “Doing it again…

  1. p90xmomma says:

    That’s one of my long-term goals! Good luck and go for it!!!

  2. mzsura says:

    I’m right in Atlanta and would join if it wasnt a month away. I’m thinking a month may not be quite enough time to train. 🙂 Good luck and hopefully I can join next year!!

  3. sherrylcook says:

    I started training yesterday, there is one in Oct. I am looking at. JUST DO IT!

  4. Misplaced Happiness says:

    Wow!! That sounds so awesome!!! Best of luck!!!

  5. If I were in the US I’d be there like a shot! Your account of the last one was brilliant and good luck beating Coach Crystal’s time heheh. Have an awesome time!

    • Thanks!! Are you in the UK? There is a Spartan Sprint in London in July… just sayin…haha. (I am planning on doing the Spartan the next time it is close to me in 2013).

      • Yep I’m in London! Ooh I didn’t know about the Spartan Sprint, I’m so googling it RIGHT NOW! There’s a Warrior Dash here as well, but we’ve only got one (it’s the first year for it here) and I’m at a wedding that day. Right, must go google Spartan Sprint – thank you!

      • if you decide to do the Spartan, you have to tell me how it is. i want to do it so badly (probably because it doesnt come near me until next spring, but also because I was a history major and Spartans were just COOL – in a psychotic, kill your offspring, kind of way…)haha

  6. debbieroper says:

    Hey Coach. The one in Georgia is actually a little shorter than a full 5K. Well, if they keep the same course they used last year, it will be slightly shorter than a 5K anyway. Your time will probably be better than in your last Warrior Dash. There are a few hills though, as you will be in the foothills of the Appalachians. There was a great deal of mud last year too. Be careful running down those wet, slippery trails in the woods. I saw quite a few bloody knees on that part of the course last year. The order of the obstacles is a little different than what you described from your last go-round too. It’s great fun though! Good luck! Wish my schedule had worked out so that I could run it again this year.

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