You can’t cheat the system

 I read this in a post of SociallyFit blog and had to comment on it, because it really hit home.  I use myfitnesspal to journal my food intake, but sometimes when i fall off the wagon, I just don’t use it that day.  I just start over the next day with a clean slate. While that is fine, my body does not start over clean the next day.  It remembers those M&Ms whether I wrote them down or not.  It remembers the weekends that I didn’t even try to stay on the diet. Yes, I have lost 20 lbs, but I am not at my goal… Its time to lose those last 10 lbs!!! 

Who is with me?!?

P.S. I don’t know why the best motivational slogans have women on them… how many of these posts do you think I can get away before I get in hot water with Coach Crystal?!?  haha.


12 comments on “You can’t cheat the system

  1. heartland515 says:

    I’m working on the last 10 also, I feel like it’s the toughest part of the journey.

  2. I use MyFitnessPal as well. It’s brilliantly intuitive, and has a surprisingly comprehensive database. Used it to lose 10kg last year!

  3. Stealing Shade says:

    I’m there! I use the app also, and you’re absolutely right! Your body doesn’t lie, though our minds rationalize. I’m also at te 10 pound mark. I’m actuall considering a 24 hour fast to boot my metabolism and rest my liver/digestive system.

  4. Misplaced Happiness says:

    A few of us at my job signed up for the Fit App, and we’re using it as a 3-month weight loss challenge: each person has to lose at least 10 pounds, and if we all do it, we’re all going to the city for the day to celebrate. Maybe you can get a group of people together to join, and set a timeline goal to see if that helps your motivation!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your family is adorable! I’m happy to find a new fitness/family blog to follow 🙂

  6. I absolutely agree with the poster. Congratulations on receiving your award!

  7. nerdysewist says:

    Thanks for the follow – I love your blog and really glad to meet you!

    I’m using Weight Watchers to track, and it has reminders that when you don’t track your food, you’re losing your way. Plus I love that they give you extra room each week to eat extra, so you don’t feel bad for falling off the wagon once a week. I’ve been doing it for 4 weeks and haven’t skipped a day once… but we’ll see, it’s hard to keep up! I’m blogging in part to help motivate myself to keep on going.

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