And the winner is….


I have been nominated for:

by Lizi (but not Liz, never Liz) author of diary of a half-hearted gym junkie. Lizi writes an AWESOME (or orsum) blog from across the pond.  (Anyone whose favorite P word is both P90X and Pole dancing  has to be pretty cool, right?) You should really check her out! And I certainly want to thank her for this award.

Now for a few bloggers who I would also like to nominate for this award…

Jen writes Jenkakio.  I am so jealous… she actually gets to live in Hawaii!!

Leesah writes 30andlearning from the great white north. Often hilarious but always interesting.

Shameka writes yourtruthdiet.  She is a girl scout cookie pusher who has lost over 80 lbs.;)

Nikki writes Nikki’sAdventuresinP90X.  Tony Horton has grown on her, too!!

These blogs are awesome, too.  I strongly recommend you checking them out!

A – Alabama

“Sweet Home Alabama” and “My home’s in Alabama, southern born and southern bred” … come down anytime for a visit. Tell me you are coming and I will show you around.

B – Birmingham

While I live in a suburb, I work right downtown.  Birmingham has its share of problems (mainly in its leadership), but it is beautiful as well.

C – Crimson Tide

As an alumni and fan, it is a fun time to cheer for the Crimson Tide.  You can usually find me in Tuscaloosa on Saturdays in the fall.

D –  Disney World

My kids are huge fans…and I like it, too.

E – Elephant

The mascot for the Crimson Time. (I just couldn’t think of an E!)

F – Family

Though I am only going to post pictures of those I have or can give permission for (See below). But I also have a wonderful extended family!!

G – Good Mornings

I drink Shakeology every morning.  I love it, especially the new Strawberry Vegan flavor.  (No, I am not vegan nor even vegetarian, it is just really good!!)  

H – Houston

Houston is my two year old. He is always up for helping me with Yoga!


Shaun T’s workout is not a joke. 


Is it the healthiest peanut butter?  Maybe not, but it reminds me of home, growing up and family. I am sure it is just wonderful marketing, but if worked on me. haha.  “Choosy moms choose JIF.” 

K – Kenley

My five year old.  If you couldn’t tell… Winking is HARD!

L – Lawyer

 It’s what I do.  Looks like even Lady Justice has been working out. Only FUNNY lawyer jokes, please…

M – My Children’s MOM

Coach Crystal.  She is a great mom.

N – Next Warrior Dash

May 20 in Georgia.  Join me!!

O – Mt. Olive

The suburb I live in.

P – Padawan

Padawan — it means student… and it’s from Star Wars.  The fact that I chose a Star Wars reference for my blog title does not make me a dork.  Yes, Coach Crystal, I am talking to you… haha.

Q – Quit

When it comes to this meandering journey to toward fitness… You only fail when you quit.

R –  Rap

Great workout Music!

S – Scott

That’s me. I think it is a pretty good name…

T – Tony Horton

The creator of P90X…if you haven’t had the chance to experience his corny motivation, you really should.

U – Pull-ups

When I first started with Tony Horton, I could do NO pull-ups… now I can get at least five without resting… and sets of twenty or more!!

V – Vulcan

He sits atop Red Mountain and overlooks all of Birmingham.  The top is where I proposed to Coach Crystal.

W – Warrior Dash

I have done one and am now a huge fan!!

X – eXtreme 

Beachbody workout programs can be extreme, but they are effective.

Y – Yoga

Everyone’s favorite P90x workout… yes, that was sarcasm!!

Z – Zoo 

The Trails of Africa recently opened.  Birmingham Zoo has elephants again!!

Wow, that was HARD…  but fun.


26 comments on “And the winner is….

  1. jenkakio says:

    First off, congrats on your award! You deserve it!!! Secondly, thank you so much for the award. That is so kind! I’m actually shocked really. Thank you so much.

    I love that I got to learn 28 different facts about you. You have two beautiful children (I especially love the winking one). A smoking hot wife….GAWD, I would kill for her abs. LOL

  2. sherrylcook says:

    Way to go! And Roll Tide! We have a lot in common, I live in Mobile, Al. ( we have crooked politians also) and I will be participating in my first barbarian run in June!
    Great blog here!

  3. Aw thanks for the kind words (one lawyer to another haha – I’m a lawyer too!). Loving the facts and Kenley and Houston are too cute!

    • Thanks, I think so, too, but I may be a little biased. Don’t you guys have a loser pays type system? That is pretty awesome, but I bet it cuts down on litigation cases.

      • I didn’t know you didn’t have that in the US! Wow … here whoever loses (generally, at the court’s discretion) pays the other’s costs of the litigation. You’ve totally taught me something, I had no idea that wasn’t the case in the US!

      • Not over here (except in very specific cases)… in law school, the professors lauded “the English” system for avoiding frivolous lawsuits (which, from defense counsel’s side, we have way too many of…) 🙂

  4. kinetikat says:

    You guys do the Warrior dash – wow! Kilts AND running! That’s 50% up on me… I don’t run unless sorely provoked. But I do have a kilt (and by the end of the week, I’ll have two kilts – very excited).

  5. Oh my word, so funny!! Congrats on the ABC award!! I have done Shaun T’s Insanity twice, and have the t-shirt to prove it, and you’re right, it is NOT a joke, but so fun!! Tony Horton is a freak (that is a loving statement actually)…but P90X is one I’ve only tried a bit of…Shakeology ROCKS especially chocolate with a tbsp of cheese cake pudding mix added, and didn’t know there was strawberry flavor now!! NICE!! Did the Warrior Dash for the first time last year and am TOTALLY hooked…have done 4 sprint triathlons, a 1/2 marathon (praise God that one is checked off my bucket list) and am hoping to add The Color Run this year. Whew. Thanks for the “like” and this post!! Reminded me why I do this!! 🙂

  6. Congrats! Well-deserved. Also thanks for the alphabet smile.

  7. mzsura says:

    Oh my goodness, Houston is adorable doing yoga!! 🙂

  8. imsorrybody says:

    Congrats on the blog award! This is my first time coming here, and I can see why you got an award! I love the blog title and the content! – Your wife is an inspiration! No doubt about it! And I love Tony! P90x is great!

  9. frankoshanko says:

    Cool post Crystal! Creative, fun and informative! Run like the wind! ( :

  10. Robin Crawford says:

    LOL, looking at the picture of Houston, I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn’t my living room with all the weights and workout stuff laying under the tv 🙂

  11. needyhusband says:

    Love Alabama. I spent a lot of time in Birmingham as a child because I have a lot of family there. If it weren’t so dang hot there I would live there!

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