Happy Memorial Day

While we are cooking out, enjoying the day off, and visiting with family and friends today, I hope we all take a few minutes to remember what the day is all about.

To all veterans and servicemen… THANK YOU for your service and our freedom!!



Sorry, I have been out of touch lately. No excuses. Since we talked last, I ran a Warrior Dash, gone on vacation, and started the second phase of Insanity (wow).  I will be posting on all these.  Glad to be back!

A Monument to a BUG?!? and Happy Anniversary…

We spent the weekend in south Alabama visiting Mom for Mothers’ Day. On the way down, Crystal and I realized that our anniversary is next week.  Seven years on May 16th.  Since we wont be together next weekend, decided we should do something this weekend.  So with built-in babysitters (the grandparents love it), we headed out for dinner and a movie.

We headed over to Enterprise, Alabama for our date.  Interesting monument in Enterprise…

A monument to a bug… strange, but true

The Boll Weevil Monument

Sorta looks like a tick…

The boll weevil was a Mexican bug that came north to Alabama in 1915 and began wiping out the cotton crop.  Farmers were forced to switch to peanuts and other crops which brought prosperity to the area (known as the “Wiregrass”).  The only monument dedicated to an agricultural pest!!  What a claim to fame!! Haha.

So after checking out the monument, we went to The Rawls for dinner.  The Rawls claims to serve “contemporary Southern cuisine witha sophisticated twist.”

If we had known, we could have stayed at the Bed and Breakfast, too. Maybe next time…

The Chef, at The Rawls, Bill Schleusner, was former sous chef at Chris Hastings’  Hot and Hot Fish Club as well as working under Frank Stitt at Bottega (both in Birmingham and wonderful restaurants. Birmingham is actually a top food city, though the wine selection in our top restaurants may be lacking if you believe this author in Food and Wine magazine.)

We were given a tour of the historic building by our server and got to meet Chef Bill. (We ate early and the restaurant wasn’t too busy at the time.) Crystal got the 90 day chicken and I got Angus steak (all locally raised food). Coach Crystal was a huge fan!!

It was my anniversary, don’t judge…haha.

The next time you are headed to the beaches of the Gulf Coast or find yourself anywhere near Enterprise, I can’t recommend The Rawls  enough.

A motivational thank you…

Thanks to everyone with their suggestions on helping me with my Consistency…    I was able to put them to use today!! Driving back from a deposition, I grabbed lunch from an Award Winning BBQ place about an hour and a half away from home (full disclosure… I did not eat what anyone would classify as healthy… while BBQ can be relatively healthy, this was not). I knew I was hitting INSANITY on the way back to work but figured I had plenty of time for adequate digestion…I DID NOT.

But thanks to all you guys, I made myself put in the DVD and hit play.  The day scheduled was Cardio Recovery, but since I had “recovered” yesterday by failing to work out at all, I went ahead with Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.   The warm-up (which is a workout in itself) was bad… probably as bad as since the first day.  I felt like I was moving with a giant boulder in my stomach and felt like hurling.  (TMI, I know, but we are all friends here, right!!??! haha)

But I kept at it and by about halfway through, I was doing ok… Didnt puke and really hammered the abs hard at the end.  I really have you guys to thank for the Motivation.  I knew this blog was a good idea.  I guess I need motivation for eating better now… lol.


Does anyone else have problem with consistency? I know I do.  Yesterday, I did INSANITY plyo cardio circuit and followed it by running a mile and a half.  Today, I completely missed my workout. I have excuses, but that is all they are… I could have done it, just did not want to.

I will do it tomorrow, but  Insanity is a 60 day course and extending it to 75 days will certainly limit its effectiveness.  What do you guys do to stay consistent?  HELP 🙂

Am I becoming a runner?

I think if I lived in Santa Barbara, I could actually become a runner.  I know what you are thinking… WHAT???  While I used to joke that I only ran if something was chasing me, running out there is so pleasant and easy compared to Alabama, I could really get into it. I mean, you have this scenery:

You have places to rest when you get tired…

Yep, that is a whale’s tail… and not the kind you see on the Jersey Shore.

And you have hippies everywhere…

Doesn’t “Flower Power” just make you smile…. I must have seen ten VW vans while out there… how are these still running?

I ran 5.5 miles and walked another .5 on the beach cause I was just that close.  That is a lot for me, but it was fun.  I enjoyed California even with the slight apprehension of the ground moving and things falling on me.

Even the Mission can’t escape damage from the ground shaking….

Still, home was never far from my mind…

When I got in the rental car, the second song was none other than…

The first was Stevie Nicks…I told you there were a lot of hippies… lol

Then I got to Fess Parker’s hotel, and scored a spot in this building:

The Camellia

The Camellia is the state flower of Alabama…and my mom has a huge one. I remember Mom getting so mad when some cows got out and ate her flowers…

And then there was this picture sent by Coach Crystal:

Kenley (and Houston) in their first ever gymnastic class…

Talk about homesick.  I liked California, but there really is no place like home… It is where your heart is. 🙂

Do you guys feel the same?

Jogging on the Left Coast and Fess Parker

So I decided to get outside and see the beach for a jog this morning.  It was 47 degrees, so first I hit the gym to warm up. After about 15 minutes, I was heated up and started outside.  Santa Barbara was sunny and beautiful.  Something about the humidity or the flatness or just the beautiful scenery made running so much easier. I ran until the sidewalk gave out and then ran back… about 3 miles.

They love their dolphins! This was not the only statute dedicated to them.

I ran out on the beach side and back on the side with businesses and parks.  There were a lot of really pretty parks.

In a park… I guess there are plays here. Cool, huh?

My thoughts on the beach, itself. I found the sand on the beach not to be an nearly as pretty as the Gulf Coast (think Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama or Destin, Florida).  However, you don’t get those beautiful fishing boats on the Gulf so close to shore.   The Pacific must drop off much quicker. Unfortunately, as the water would cause hypothermia in about three minutes, I got only ankle deep in after my run.

Also toured the Old Mission

Built in the 1780s.




Its not the Alamo (the only other mission I have seen and one with a little more interesting backstory), but it is a beautiful complex. It is amazing that these monks would travel into areas of potentially hostile natives for their religion.  If I were Catholic, it would probably be even cooler.

Just above the entrance to the Church from the Cemetery. Spooky, the death door…














Do you guys remember Fess Parker… a little before my time, but he played both Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett for Disney back in the 1960s. He also built a Hotel in Santa Barbara about the same time.  I met a local and he told me that the whole area used to be a swamp called Hobo Swamp. Parker drained it and built the hotel.  Pretty cool, huh?  Hobo Swamp got a big upgrade in the 60s...now the hobos just hang out on benches near the beach....It is a huge complex. While most of it has been updated, there are a few dated pieces (the stairwells smell a little like a nursing home and the carpet is OLD.). However, the pool looks fabulous, the workout room is Precor and very nice. The actual room is huge with a sitting area and a very large flat screen (though it has no way to control the temperature — it was comfortable, but isnt that a little weird?!?) The tallest building is three stories.  I originally thought land must be cheaper here.  But that made no sense… so now I have decided it is either because it was built on a swamp or because of earthquakes. What do you guys think?