On the Road Again…

I finally made it to Santa Barbara, California.  I had no idea how long it would take to get here from Birmingham, Alabama. Spending two hours in the Phoenix airport didn’t help. I did find a sports bar with a Buffalo Bills table!!

GO BILLS!! We are getting better!!

The view from my hotel room.









Its my first time here and it is pretty… but it’s not the weather you would have at the Florida or Alabama beaches.  I guess I am further north. I just had no idea how COLD it would be.  What good is a beach hotel when the high is 62 degrees!!!

I am here for work until Friday.  Anyone know any great places to eat that I need to try or things I need to do that I can squeeze in?

I am going to run along on the beach and will put my feet in the water no matter how cold!! I dont see the Pacific Ocean often…


27 comments on “On the Road Again…

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Soak in a Jacuzzi! 🙂

    • I have been an attorney for too long. When I think whirlpool, I think Legionnaires’ Disease!! And everytime Crystal wants to talk about building a house, all I think is all the construction defects that I have defended..What is wrong with me?? haha

      • flamidwyfe says:

        LOL… we are molded in our thinking by our vocations… I’m a midwife… just think of my hang ups!
        Enjoy Santa Barbara… it’s one of the towns there I haven’t visited, but my bet is anything with seafood near the beach will be perfect!

      • And I just ate In and Out. I was thinking Mexican would be pretty authentic, but seafood sounds good too.

      • flamidwyfe says:

        Yeah, I was thinking classier than In and Out… LOL
        Although I enjoyed a burger or two from there! Find a good burrito joint! Some of the best burritos in the country are on the Pacific coast in California 🙂

      • To be fair… it was my first In and Out. We dont have those down South, and I have heard so much about them… Ever have a movie that is so hyped and it cant live up to it… that is how I feel about in and out. Burritos… that is on my list!!

      • flamidwyfe says:

        Yeah… when you are working towards better health, I would imagine In and Out would be disappointing… I couldn’t even imagine eating there now 🙂
        A burrito is a corn tortilla would be THE BOMB right now in my opinion… too bad I’m in China!

      • How is the Chinese food over there??

      • flamidwyfe says:

        LOL… pretty authentic! hehe

  2. losing bee says:

    enjoy your time – even though work related!

  3. spinmethin says:

    GO BILLS! I’m in western ny, that’s freakin awesome… how’d you come to be a bills fan?

    • It is strange that I am, I know. I was just at the age and getting into football when Cornelius (Biscuit) Bennett played for Alabama (about 86 I guess). He ended up in the NFL with the Bills. I pulled for Biscuit and have been a Bills fan ever since. Some great times in the early 90s, been pretty painful since…

      • spinmethin says:

        Awesome! I can’t wait to suffer through this season with you, ha ha! JK looking better this year for sure! This is the first year in a looooong time that the draft hasn’t been a straight up cringe-fest. (buh-byeeee guy and modrak!) I didn’t really pay much attention to football until I moved back here in like 04ish, so it’s been straight misery since I officially became a bills fan… looking forward to some light at the end of the tunnel!

      • We just needed some more Alabama guys. You know Darius had a good year last year and we stole Mark Anderson (another Bama grad) from the hated Pats!! I hope that is the ticket! I just hope Fitz played like he did before he was rich!!

      • spinmethin says:

        Fingers crossed on that! He’s such a classy guy, and I love that viking beard of hotness, it was so sad when he totally fell apart!

      • Maybe losing Fred Jackson hurt him more than anyone realized….

      • spinmethin says:

        I loveeeeee Freddy! What a guy. I love athletes like him and Fitzy and my beloved Schobel… actual role models, unlike the dumbasses like Michael Vick and whatnot. Ugh.

      • You sounds like a Bills fan!! I wouldnt mind a thug or two if they could play!! lol

  4. mzsura says:

    Love Santa Barbara! Enjoy your trip and running on the beach 🙂 I really wish Atlanta was closer to water

  5. jenkakio says:

    I’ve only been to Santa Barbara twice and I always make it a point to check out the pier and ride that huge ferris wheel. If you can, try visiting Venice Beach. It’s a lot of fun, if you like weird sideshow types of people. Plus, there is a lot of great artsy vendors down there. OH, word of caution, marijuana is kinda big in Venice, so I would just ignore the smell. LOL You may get hungry out of nowhere tho. LOL

    Have fun!!!! You know, you are very close to Hawai’i. LOL I’m teasing.

  6. I haven’t been to that part of Cali, so I’m honestly a big jealous right now. That’s so cool that you get to dip your toes in the Pacific. Let us know how running on the beach feels (uuggh!). My husband is a Bills fan; born and raised near Buffalo. Thanks for the post! Shelby in Montana.

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