Jogging on the Left Coast and Fess Parker

So I decided to get outside and see the beach for a jog this morning.  It was 47 degrees, so first I hit the gym to warm up. After about 15 minutes, I was heated up and started outside.  Santa Barbara was sunny and beautiful.  Something about the humidity or the flatness or just the beautiful scenery made running so much easier. I ran until the sidewalk gave out and then ran back… about 3 miles.

They love their dolphins! This was not the only statute dedicated to them.

I ran out on the beach side and back on the side with businesses and parks.  There were a lot of really pretty parks.

In a park… I guess there are plays here. Cool, huh?

My thoughts on the beach, itself. I found the sand on the beach not to be an nearly as pretty as the Gulf Coast (think Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama or Destin, Florida).  However, you don’t get those beautiful fishing boats on the Gulf so close to shore.   The Pacific must drop off much quicker. Unfortunately, as the water would cause hypothermia in about three minutes, I got only ankle deep in after my run.

Also toured the Old Mission

Built in the 1780s.




Its not the Alamo (the only other mission I have seen and one with a little more interesting backstory), but it is a beautiful complex. It is amazing that these monks would travel into areas of potentially hostile natives for their religion.  If I were Catholic, it would probably be even cooler.

Just above the entrance to the Church from the Cemetery. Spooky, the death door…














Do you guys remember Fess Parker… a little before my time, but he played both Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett for Disney back in the 1960s. He also built a Hotel in Santa Barbara about the same time.  I met a local and he told me that the whole area used to be a swamp called Hobo Swamp. Parker drained it and built the hotel.  Pretty cool, huh?  Hobo Swamp got a big upgrade in the the hobos just hang out on benches near the beach....It is a huge complex. While most of it has been updated, there are a few dated pieces (the stairwells smell a little like a nursing home and the carpet is OLD.). However, the pool looks fabulous, the workout room is Precor and very nice. The actual room is huge with a sitting area and a very large flat screen (though it has no way to control the temperature — it was comfortable, but isnt that a little weird?!?) The tallest building is three stories.  I originally thought land must be cheaper here.  But that made no sense… so now I have decided it is either because it was built on a swamp or because of earthquakes. What do you guys think?


17 comments on “Jogging on the Left Coast and Fess Parker

  1. Reed says:

    Wow! Cool photos! I love the death door!

  2. LOVE IT!! I so enjoy (well…I use that term very loosely in reference to this type of exercise) running in a new city with a view!! But I find that my runs always take much longer because I stop so often to take pictures!! God’s creation is much more evident when you run, I swear!! 🙂 Gorgeous!!

  3. bgddyjim says:

    I think the EPA would have blocked construction nowadays.

  4. Leesah Em says:

    That monestary entry is phenomenal! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your time near the ocean! 🙂

  5. I’m jealous! What a beautiful place!

  6. emma says:

    Ah, Santa Barbara! My former home. By the way, NOTHING is cheap there anymore! It “suffers” from the only Mediterranean climate in the US, with the curve of the land giving it glorious southern exposure. Few places like it in the world. I miss running along that beach and down the road a couple of miles to Montecito and the Four Seasons Resort. Did you make it that far?

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