Am I becoming a runner?

I think if I lived in Santa Barbara, I could actually become a runner.  I know what you are thinking… WHAT???  While I used to joke that I only ran if something was chasing me, running out there is so pleasant and easy compared to Alabama, I could really get into it. I mean, you have this scenery:

You have places to rest when you get tired…

Yep, that is a whale’s tail… and not the kind you see on the Jersey Shore.

And you have hippies everywhere…

Doesn’t “Flower Power” just make you smile…. I must have seen ten VW vans while out there… how are these still running?

I ran 5.5 miles and walked another .5 on the beach cause I was just that close.  That is a lot for me, but it was fun.  I enjoyed California even with the slight apprehension of the ground moving and things falling on me.

Even the Mission can’t escape damage from the ground shaking….

Still, home was never far from my mind…

When I got in the rental car, the second song was none other than…

The first was Stevie Nicks…I told you there were a lot of hippies… lol

Then I got to Fess Parker’s hotel, and scored a spot in this building:

The Camellia

The Camellia is the state flower of Alabama…and my mom has a huge one. I remember Mom getting so mad when some cows got out and ate her flowers…

And then there was this picture sent by Coach Crystal:

Kenley (and Houston) in their first ever gymnastic class…

Talk about homesick.  I liked California, but there really is no place like home… It is where your heart is. 🙂

Do you guys feel the same?


21 comments on “Am I becoming a runner?

  1. sherrylcook says:

    Yes, yes and yes! Sweet home Alabama!

  2. tlbflowllc says:

    That looks like a great run! Also, I love the fact that your kids are getting into gymnastics!

    I’d definitely feel homesick if I were away from my wife. She’s largely where my heart is.

  3. mzsura says:

    It’s amazing how scenery can really change a run (for better or worse). These pics look awesome but there’s no place like home 🙂

  4. Leesah Em says:

    I have always felt like I should’ve been born and lived in California (rather than Winnipeg). It all started with the video of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’. I wanted to be a surfer/skater girl who went running on the beach in cool neon bicycle shorts. lol.

    • Who doesnt love cool neon bicycle shorts!! lol

      Tom Petty was my first concert — “Shes a good girl, loves her mama, loves Jesus, and America, too…” Any idea what the vampire lyric is about??

      • Leesah Em says:

        umm…i think it is about blood/soul sucking people who try and prey upon naive people who come to LA with stars in their eyes. But I could be wrong. I have many childhood memories to that song, and even a fun road trip memory with my Aussie friend the first time I ever went to Los Angeles. We were driving to Universal Studios and Tom was singing about the different highways like mullholland and we kept driving past them as he was saying them…it was neat.

      • That makes so much sense… I thought he was just an Anne Rice fan…. (yes, when it comes to Vampires, I am old school — before they were making out with werewolves or whatever…) lol

  5. Leesah Em says:

    Oh and love seeing the gymnastics pics–esp. as a former competitive gymanst. 🙂

    • Competitive gymnast? wow, impressive. but doesnt that get to be really hard on your body? How many sprains and breaks did you have?

      • Leesah Em says:

        No breaks, a lot of bruises and truthfully, serious/painful falls, one jammed toe. I was sorta fearless though, (except on parallel bars). I also grew about 6 inches in 2 months after i quit so it did do something to me, i think but nothing lasting as I wasn’t elite or anything…so I don’t think it took the toll on my body the way it can on others. It was one of the funnest things I did growing up though as not many other people did the sport and unlike the team sports I participated it, gymnastics, well, it was “mine.” I set my goals and I achieved them and it gave me a lot of confidence, even though I was chubby. Even now it makes me smile to think that I used to be able to do aerial cartwheels, back hand springs, back tucks, etc. 😀 According to my cross fit instructor, we can work up to me doing those again! SQUEE!

      • Sounds awesome… SQUEE!! 😉

  6. I love the whale seat

  7. Hi Scott. I had actually been thinking on my ‘rest’ days, I would go for strolls and take some pics. Your post has confirmed to me that this is actually a great idea. You have really been doing well with your running, I want to be you when I grow up. lol.

    I have a post here you may want to check out. When you have a free moment, please go to . I hope it brings you joy, and feel free to pass that joy around.

  8. david says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and looking forward to following your progress…

    I used to hate running too… I am a cyclist at heart, then a swimmer second, but I wanted to do a triathlon, so I started some running training, aiming to get up to 10km for an Olympic/standard tri. Then I got the running bug! So I signed up for a Marathon, now I’m hooked and looking to do some ultra-marathons.

  9. Totally love the pics – they’re amazing! Haha and think of the training to beat Coach Crystal’s time in the next Warrior Dash!

    • My thoughts exactly… of course, I dont know how well the run in the cool air with a ocean breeze of California will transfer to the mountains/hills and humidity of northern Georgia!! I guess I will find out soon! haha

  10. I’m an English university student, but next year I get to spend they year in UCSB. I’m a runner and a bit of a fitness freak, so I can’t wait to go out and see the sights and scenery, whilst getting my endorphin high at the same time!! It’s going to be a beautiful time, I can tell. I’ve done the East Coast and the Deep South, but I’ve yet to see the West side!! Can’t wait!! With beaches like that… I don’t think I’ll miss rainy England too much 😛

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