Warrior Dash — Take 2

So I recently ran the Warrior Dash in Georgia, a charity obstacle race supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital. It was a two-day event and again a ton of fun. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize (again) to the young lady that I landed on during one of the water obstacles.  (to be fair, I didn’t know she was under the water and I just slid in, so she didn’t drown or anything!!)  Anyway, besides that mishap, (and she said she was fine, both then and after the race when I ran into talked to her again), it was a blast. 

They had some of the same obstacles as the Jackson, Mississippi Dash, but some different ones as well: the swimming obstacle, wrecked cars, and the fire was way higher this time, (but still not hard to get over).  It was also way more muddy!! I got behind two guys dressed as Spartans from 300.  Here is a new rule, if you dress like a bad ass, you can’t walk and block the course.  It is… unbecoming… just sayin… haha. I am blaming those guys for the fact that I got beat by my buddy who I beat in Jackson.

We recently found out that the Warrior Dash is coming to Warrior, Alabama (just outside of Birmingham and not far (10 miles) from my house!!) on October, 6, 2012.  Check it out here. Any of my readers that want to camp out in my yard, consider this your official invitation. (I probably need to clear this with Coach Crystal, but I am sure it is fine!!) 🙂

So, who is in?  I am thinking of dressing as Clubber Lang to my buddy’s Rocky.  My prediction for the race… “Pain…” for him as he eats my dust!


5 comments on “Warrior Dash — Take 2

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    Dash number two down already – that’s great! I wiash I had a few more closer to me. Bad ass walkers? Run ’em over I say!
    On to the next dash…pain? yikes!

  2. mzsura says:

    That’s great you did the GA warrior dash. I wanted to do it but by the time I found the date, there was not nearly enough time to prepare. Maybe next year??

  3. […] already.  I also have the Rock ‘n Run obstacle course in Georgia in September and the Warrior Dash in Alabama in October. The training will include running for the half marathon followed by weight […]

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