INSANITY — Month Number 2

I am getting started in Month 2 of INSANITY… yes, I am a little behind schedule. Vacation was not conducive to INSANITY (mainly because I was lazy).  Ha.

Anyway, Month 2 is… WOW!!  I thought the first month was tough, but had started to be able to keep up with the kids on the video (they are taking breaks, too!! ) Month 2 is not so much harder as it is longer.  Max Interval is 59 minutes (though most of the others are a few minutes shorter).

The basic premise of INSANITY is high intensity work followed by a short rest and back to high intensity.  For example, you may do four different exercises in succession for 45 seconds each. After this three minutes, you get a 30 second rest.  You would do these same four exercises for 3 rounds.  You take a 30 second rest and do four more exercises for three rounds.  Throw in a warmup (which is like another sweat inducing round, really), another exercise at the end, a stretch after warm up and at the end and voilà — you have your generic Month 1 workout (except core cardio… no repeated exercises and no water breaks, but there are “recovery” exercises).

Shaun T., if you tell me I should be more flexible by this point one more time…

Month 2 follows the same basic pattern except you add another three rounds of four different exercises.  I certainly feel the extra work.  One thing I have found, my lower body is sore after these workouts but not my upper body. I think that after years of pretty much neglecting my legs at the gym (“they get a workout during cardio”), my cardio ability (or lack thereof) is not the limiting factor in getting a good leg workout.

However, the basic upper body move in INSANITY is any number of a derivative of the push-up.  I am pretty well versed in push-ups (after P90X2) and therefore my cardio deficiency comes into play well before my muscles are exhausted doing push ups (moving or otherwise).  I think I am going to try to hit the gym, at least on the off day and get in some extra upper body strength work, though I will certainly rest my legs.

What do you guys think?


4 comments on “INSANITY — Month Number 2

  1. squidandhoney says:

    Awesome job for getting to month two! 🙂

  2. Stealing Shade says:

    Don’t underestimate the power of rest! Maybe the gym would actually be detrimental? As I have yet to do this program, I’m not sure… Excellent on getting to month 2 though! Especially after your break. Definitely an easy spot to convince yourself not to continue.

    • Convincing myself not to continue is exactly what I did last time I tried it. This blog helped me to get back on track. I will try to listen to my body about the gym. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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