The Barbarian Challenge aka Help! I think I have an addiction…

Why can’t I have options? I like options…

June 23, 2012 — Gadsden, Alabama … 4.2 mile obstacle course. Yes, I might have lost it.

You guys know about my exploits in the Warrior Dash. (If not, check them out here and here.) Well, at 9 a.m. in two weeks, I am upping the ante with the Barbarian Challenge.  The BC is currently only in two locations (but is reportedly expanding). It appears to be a  longer (and potentially more difficult) version of the WD. Coach Crystal and two buddies are running with me as a “Clan.”  But with the buddy who beat me at the last WD talking smack for a month, I don’t think we will have much cooperation… so in Barbarian (and lawyer) speak, “you eat what you kill” i.e. every man for himself. Haha.

I understand there are shortcuts but that the shortcuts may be too difficult to be completed, i.e.  one shortcut contains an electric shock obstacle — 10,000 volts (but very little amps, or it would kill you!!) Now, considering this group appears to be a little less “put together” than WD  (compare the websites), there is no way I am running through electricity they set up.  Haha! So I guess I will be running the whole 4.2 miles (which should be interesting because the longest distance I have run is about a 5k).

I also plan to meet another blogger there… sherrylcook. She is from Mobile and I follow her blog.  It is really good, you guys should check it out. Hopefully, we can get some Muddy Buddy pics to share  after the race! (And I am not speaking of the chex mix, peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar concoction — that stuff is so good to your mouth and soooo bad to your body!!)

So yes, I am either insane or addicted, but Eminem claims to be both and he has done pretty good for himself.  I think we can find inspiration in his words:

Showing I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated
I was revibed as soon as this [girl] gyrated

If I ain’t got a weapon I’ma pick up a rock
And when I bust yo [butt] I’m gonna continue to rock
Get you [butt]  of the wall with your two left feet
It’s real easy just follow the beat.

“Shake That” by Eminem and the late Nate Dogg*

Hahahaha, inspired much!??!

*Please do not consider this quote a recommendation for this or any other Eminem song.  “Shake That” is horrible.  (full disclosure, it is on my playlist nonetheless. what? it has a really good beat!)


3 comments on “The Barbarian Challenge aka Help! I think I have an addiction…

  1. sherrylcook says:

    Yay! two weeks and counting, I did 3 1/2 miles on the treadmill yesterday…running and walking and then the usual weight machines. I’m stoked! About the muddy buddy pics….if you will be finishing when I am just beginning, you will be the muddy one, I will still be clean! (snickering) We are barbarians!!!

  2. Stealing Shade says:

    Is it weird that I’m jealous of your addiction? I’ve missed the local WD in my area this year, but your blog keeps me searching for one to try. I ran my first 3 mile stretch the other day so I’m not toooooo worried I won’t be able to make it through. Have fun at this more intense version!!

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