4:15, INSANITY – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs, and a P90X2 revisit

So I woke up at 4:15 this morning to grab an early workout. Coach Crystal usually works out this time but after a late night at the office, the workout room was all mine. Unfortunately, my body was upset with me for trying to stay up waiting on Coach Crystal and watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones before the free HBO weekend ran out. 🙂 (Those books are awesome. I like the series as well.)

So I wake up, get dressed, and head downstairs with zero motivation.  I remind myself of the tricks some of you guys helped me with and just decide I am going to start the DVD, no pressure. So I do. Then I start the warm-up.  I am moving slow… but I kept at it and it got better.  INSANITY – Max Cardio is the non-repeating, no rest routine.  Needless to say, I took a lot of breaks.  More than I usually would, but I had worked up a pretty good sweat by the time I finished. It was also the first double workout with cardio abs added at the end.  The cardio abs  is the same routine as the first month.  I really like it, though that last exercise still makes me giggle.

As the day went on, I just couldn’t be satisfied with the effort I gave on that workout. When I found myself with time for a second workout, I jumped on it. I didn’t want to do another INSANITY workout — that would be INSANE, so I pulled out an old P90X2 workout – Chest, Back and Balance.

INSANITY and P90X are vastly different routines. P90X2 allows rest time between each exercise (this routine was variation of push-ups followed by variations of pull-ups (so much more fun now that I can actually do pull-ups…. thanks, power bands.))  It was a really good workout, a nice break from INSANITY and I am glad I picked it up.

So keep working hard, and I will, too.  Good luck everyone!!


6 comments on “4:15, INSANITY – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs, and a P90X2 revisit

  1. I couldn’t do a pullup if my life depended on it. I even have a pull up bar permanently affixed to my office door frame. My last guy used it with one hand and pulled himself up like a monkey — all the time. Almost in fact, every time he walked past the door. Crazy guy and and went and joined the Army. Life wasn’t physically challenging enough for him!

  2. andyisaj says:

    I think this is a great post and a true testament to how much one can actually accomplish with a just a bit of mental toughness. Kudos for not only making your early AM routine, but for going back through the gauntlet later in the day as well. You’re an inspiration!


  3. I absolutely love P90x and P90x2 but before spending months doing them, I couldn’t do pull-ups or pushups at all. Now, I can successfully do about 10 pull-ups without a chair, which is a huge accomplishment 🙂 I’d like to learn more about Insanity, how’d everybody like it?

    • I like P90X a little better. Insanity is a different pace (faster) and you are covered in sweat when you get done. Its more cardio which was my weakness. I should complete it in the next week or so and will be taking after pics (I do hate the pics) and posting my thoughts on it all. 😉 Check back and if I havent, call me out! lol

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