No, he didn’t!!

With time at lunch, I headed home to do the next INSANITY workout.  However, it was so pleasant and (relatively cool – 81 degrees in Alabama) that I decided to put the workout off and use my new app, RunDouble, to continue to get ready for longer runs.

It was much more difficult today.  The temperature kept rising (85 degrees when I got finished).  The hills were far greater than South Alabama.  And I had to keep jumping off the road as cars came (longer distances mean I ran out of the subdivision… I think I may just do a couple of laps instead in the future.) Not counting warm-up and cool-down, I ran 3.87 miles in 44 minutes (40 running and 4 walking).  I was disappointed to have a pace over 11, but I can only improve.  Total distance including warmup and cool-down was 4.31 miles, so that is good.

So I got back from my jog and noticed that my neighbor had seen my garage door open and, thinking we had forgotten to shut it, closed it for us.  Unfortunately, I was now locked out of my house.  “Why did you leave the garage door open when you ran?” A very good question and one asked by Coach Crystal when she came to let me in.  I don’t know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And then we were in the kitchen and I was getting water.  Crystal asked where the dog was.  I told her that he was outside and went to let him in and found that … THE BACK DOOR WAS UNLOCKED!  I had not thought to check it even though I had let the dog out before my run.  I don’t think Crystal would have even noticed if the chagrin on my face hadn’t given it away.  She was not happy in the moment (she had to skip her jog), but can laugh about it now.

A word of advice…. any time you think you are locked out, check all  your doors first!!


7 comments on “No, he didn’t!!

  1. Sandra says:

    Egads. That is, indeed, insanity! (my dog would argue you should have taken your dog with you on the run 😉
    Glad it worked out. I may have shut the garage door too, though, so many robberies happen in a few short moments from open garages! I’d hate to lose my wooden boat!

    • The loss of a wooden boat would be devastating… Thankfully, I don’t have one of those. I shouldn’t have left it up… I really dont know why I did.

      • Sandra says:

        It happens. I left ours up all day while we were at work. Now I just panic when I leave and watch it hit the ground (ever since I read a news article about how thieves hide in the bushes and when you turn the corner but the door isn’t all the way shut, put an impediment to block the safety light–so the door goes back up again!)

  2. lauriejlong says:

    Oops… Forehead slap. I wouldn’t dream of closing my neighbor’s garage door for just this reason. Glad Coach didn’t make you run suicides as a punishment.

  3. Yours was a day in my life; sans the Insanity workout, of course.

    If my garage door was left open all day, I’d be pissed if nothing was stolen and taken away! There is nothing in there that I wouldn’t miss. Garage needs some cleaning for sure!

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