WOW — Barbarian Challenge — just wow…

This post will be short because I just don’t have the energy to make a longer one.  That may have been the hardest athletic things I have ever done… there were, I think, 6 hills of about 100 yards that were like 80 degrees.  A wet rope pull (with no knots) to a bridge (CoachCrystal got rope burns on her thighs coming down, poor thing… she also beat me again, but that was to be expected)…Crazy… almost killed me. And I think some of the path could be dangerous if you weren’t exceptionally careful.

But I survived with only a few scratches, got the medal, and sang “Angel Eyes” with the band.

” Girl, you’re lookin’ fine tonight
And every guy has got you in his sight
What you’re doin’ with a clown like me
Is surely one of life’s little mysteries
So tonight I’ll ask the stars above:
How did I ever win your love?
What did I do; What did I say
To turn your angel eyes my way?”

Yes, that “Angel Eyes.”   Haha!!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!


8 comments on “WOW — Barbarian Challenge — just wow…

  1. sherrylcook says:

    I made it! I made it! I did it! The hills kicked my butt and the shock wires were horrible! A girl behind us landed wrong jumping off the car and we heard her bone crack, hollered for the medics to get her. The wall was unbelievable and the mudslide was uncontrolable… Lol. My body hurts all over but I made it! Yay!!! What a rush!

    • AWESOME… I was worried about you… Hardest thing I have ever done and it was even hotter for you than me… Definitely not a beginners course.

      So in October, there is a Warrior Dash in Warrior, Alabama… close to your daughter. If you can do the Barbarian, you can sprint a WD… You in??

  2. Yahooo – well done. Another mud race down. When is the next one?! Those rope burns hurt – yeoww.
    Congrats to you both – to all the finishers actually.

  3. Christine says:

    I want a t-shirt that says “if you can do the Barbarian you can sprint the Warrior Dash” 🙂
    My first “mud run”, and wow is right! I don’t think you can appreciate the extent of the race without seeing the hills (from the bottom).
    I wish all my friends back home knew what I survived! 🙂
    Congrats to you all!

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