Heart Rate Monitor

I recently got a Polar F4 HRM for Father’s day. I had a HRM before, but never one that counted your calories.  This was such a great gift.  Something about knowing the actual calories that I have burned in an exercise has made all the difference.

This morning I did the INSANITY max recovery… It was hard, but not real hard.  Before, I would have noted that I worked out for the day, so I was good. However, now that I have a HRM that counts my calories, I knew I had only burned 300 calories.  So when lunch rolled around, I went to the gym for another workout.

I like the “in the zone” feature shown above, but fair warning, it beeps annoyingly when you drop below your range.  (You can probably turn the beep off, but directions are for sissies!!) Since I have gotten my new toy, I have blown through my weight plateau that I had been stuck on for a month.  It is really awesome.

The HRM is not doing the work, I am, but it is motivating and I am enjoying it.  If you are stuck on a plateau and need a little motivation, maybe a HRM is for you!!


13 comments on “Heart Rate Monitor

  1. fiftytwofold says:

    I wouldn’t be without my Polar HRM. I find it really motivating, I always want to see if I can get more burn per hour…675 cals in 65 minutes this morning so I feel like it was a great start to my day!

  2. I’m definitely getting one now!

  3. Nlyce says:

    Hey! Thanks for liking my blog. I want wanting to get a HRM because i have the IRunner app for my phone that needs one to keep track of the heart rate. With your tip, I know where to start.

    Thanks so much!

  4. mishalish says:

    I too have this same HRM and I love it!!! It also helps me not to overtrain as well. On days when I need to go slow for a long period of time, the monitor will beep at me letting me know I am pushing myself too hard, which can be important for recovery.

  5. I have been looking at the polar hrm for a while but my boyfriend thinks I am crazy for wanting one and says its a waste of money…. Sometimes he forgets that our work outs are different he does body building and I am trying to lose weight so I guess we have different needs. maybe I will finally just splurge and get one!

    • i was of the same mind as your boyfriend… but my wife had one and used it religiously. She got good results. I think the calorie feature is the key because it relates directly to what you eat. You still have to do the work, but when you look down and see the calories you burned, it is an unbiased indicator of how hard you worked and whether you maybe need to do one more set, or jump on the elliptical for a few minutes… at least that is what it has done for me! 🙂

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