Onederland = Winning

With credit to my fellow blogger for the Onederland idea (happily, she is here, too), I am happy to report that I have reached my original goal weight — a number starting with one.   I have actually been here for over a week (I didn’t want to jinx it when I first dipped under).  Since I started P90X, I have lost 40 pounds.  30 with myfitnesspal (which I cannot recommend enough).

Winning feels good, even to people who aren’t insane!

P90X2 was the program that got me started again after several months being satisfied with my P90X results.  Insanity kicked it up a notch and my new-found love of Obstacle Course racing certainly helped as well. The kicker was the new HRM which helped me blast through the last plateau.

That number was such a colossal mental barrier. I am certainly happy to have achieved it. I am now in better shape than anytime since law school (eight years ago).

I know find myself attempting to figure out my next goal… I don’t think it is a weight, per se, though my buddy has a number that he thinks is the perfect running weight (which I am about 7 pounds away from).

What do you guys think?  How do you go about setting new goals?


23 comments on “Onederland = Winning

  1. Robin says:

    Setting big goals never works for me. I’ve got to stick to the little stuff; something simple that I can achieve and feel good about. Even better when, later on, you can stack a bunch of them up and find you’ve really achieved something.
    It’s kind of like eating an elephant: you have to do it one bite at a time.
    Congratulations on meeting your goal!

    • A little goal… good idea. now, to just think of what that should be…

      • Cindy says:

        As I read your story and your wife’s background, I muse and think. I was also at one time completely caught up with raising young children, wanting it all materially, focused so externally on using the outer world to get healthy and fit. Many years later, my needs have changed so much. I can see how these Band-aid approaches only work as well as you learn from them. Crutches are dangerous weapons. The children grow up and have hurdles as adults which you let go of, your need for other’s creativity (p90x and Beach body) is replaced by your knowledge and desire to use your own creative spirit, and the emotional connection with your inner child and the passion to live as you age is so much more important. I would set your goals to age gracefully, live for yourself within your body, and be realistic about your honest place in the world. Open your mind and release from the commercial and fake world of fitness now. Embrace health. Get away from the TV, computer, external focuses of get rich quick life. Take your addictions to heart, we all have them, accept and strengthen through the pain. Following a program like a lemming is just that. Learn about your body, mind and spirit and love yourself. The answer to where your goals are will be as clear as the sun in the sky. God Bless.

      • Thank you for your opinion. While I disagree with you on some of the points you raise, I think aging gracefully is a good goal, if somewhat opaque. Thanks for reading.

      • andyisaj says:

        I like where Cindy is going with this…at least with the ultimate goal of letting go of materialistic attachments. I mean, we will all have to let go at some point; why not try to free up as much as possible before then? But I’m with you on this goal, Scott. More than that, I’m a firm believer that we can all gain from the knowledge of others. Real people have benefited from the likes of Tony Horton, Billy Blanks, and yes…Richard Simmons. They sell their experience for a living as does a lawyer, a financial adviser, or an herbalist.

        My philosophy: If it gets you moving in a positive direction, continue to follow until you can effectively lead the way. Keep it up, Scott!

        Warmest Regards,

      • Thanks, I appreciate that!!

  2. J. says:


    I think you have to decide what you want to do with your physical fitness long term. Do you want to look like Arnold in his prime? Do you want to be a long distance ultra-marathoner? Do you want to be able to do variety w/o mastery? Is there a sport league you want to join? No right answer, just what do you want?

    I think that will help you figure out what your target weight will be since those answers have different goals for the physique.

    • Good ideas…Right now I want to be better than my wife at obstacle racing, so I guess I should concentrate on my running and try to get my distance up and time down… so I should probably plan on losing some more weight…thanks.

  3. Mz. Joy says:

    Go You! I love to see other people’s successful journeys! MyFitnessPal rocks all kinds of argyle socks! Thanks for stopping by my page!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO proud of you making it to ONEDERLAND! Let me know if you figure out this new goal thing. I’m still working on it. I thought I would just keep losing until I was happy with the way my body looks, but then I had this awful fear… what if I never like the way my body looks?!?! Anywho, I know I want to lose more weight… I’m hoping the “how much” will figure itself out. =)

    • Thank you! I was thinking the same thing, but then someone … ahem… reminded me of the Winston Churchill quote, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” Boo! So I am trying to set some solid goals and work to achieve them… I dont do well without them. 😦

  5. Stealing Shade says:

    I’m so excited for you! I usually set a large goal, then break it down. My goal has been to drop 12% bodyfat; celebration due at 6% (which I hit a couple of weeks ago!!), reset, then continue forward. I’m currently allowing myself a junk food day when I hit a weight I’ve been struggling to slip beneath for weeks now.
    Grats on such a huge success!!

    • Thanks, I try to watch what I eat very closely on some days and less closely on others… I know I will have to get better if I want to continue this downward spiral (first time I have used that as a positive result!). Maybe a one day junk day is the way to go…

      • Stealing Shade says:

        I’ve also found (and using My Fitness Pal can help with this too) is to look at a weekly average of calories versus day to day. Sometimes more helpful. If one day is not so good, there are other days to make it up.

      • I have seen that feature on Myfitnesspal, but never paid attention to it.. that is a really good idea. Thanks!!

  6. Congratulations!! I’m newly into Onederland myself and it feels like such an accomplishment. I set smaller goals for myself and usually in 90 day challenges (stemming from starting with P90). I find it’s easier for me that way. I also reward myself for smaller goals, ie. If I lose 20 pounds I will treat myself to a massage, etc..

  7. For me, exercise is a life time although the intensity varies at different stages in life. If I put on weight, for example, I increase the intensity to reduce that unwanted fat. Once the excess weight is gone, I do excercises that maintain my weight and keep me healthy. During this stage, I get out of my body to explore those qualities within me, which I love so much, but I haven’t had ample time to explore them fully. It helps me to share that inner beauty within me with others who are willing to experience that part of me…I wish u well

  8. Congratulations! Not only for losing the weight, but because I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! So, what you have to do is….

    Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.
    Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
    State 7 things about yourself.
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    Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

    Here is the link to my post:


  9. rsouleret says:

    Have fitness pal too. I have been journaling for 11 days straight!! 🙂

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