A realization, another obstacle course, and a Happy Birthday!!

Sometimes you just have to admit when you aren’t physically ready for something and, after the recent pain in my foot, I realized that I am just not going to be able to go from a non-runner to a half-marathoner by September 16.  Could I run 6 miles and walk the rest, probably, but that isn’t how I want to get my 13.1 sticker.  (I am not opposed to walking some, but you gotta at least run half, right?)

Plus, I just found out that NITRO from the old American Gladiators show puts on an obstacle course race.  The Gladiator Rock’n Run is on September 8 in Georgia. I am trying to convince my brother to run with me since it is only about an hour from his house.

Open invite… who wants to do this with me??

Coach Crystal is not going to do this one as she IS running the half marathon the next week.  The plan is to bring the kids and their cousins out to hear the bands and make a family day out of it while Daddy and (hopefully) Uncle Jeremy trudge through the mud.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


Finally, my son, Houston, turns three on Sunday. Here is hoping he has a wonderful birthday.  This is him during his gymnastics class.  He loves it… not sure his teachers love his energy level.  Haha!


9 comments on “A realization, another obstacle course, and a Happy Birthday!!

  1. mzsura says:

    Your son is adorable! Happy birthday!

  2. Jim Brennan says:

    Hey Coach, let me share some motivation with you. My four adult children were once little ones like Houston. My daughter recently talked me into registering for the Philly Marathon, I’ll be running with a bunch of thirty-something women. A couple of weeks ago I cheered my son at the Philly triathlon, and the end of July I’ll ride the Tour de Shore from Philly to Atlantic City with my boys. The lesson? Be active with your kids, it’s a gift that never stops giving. I like your blog, if you hadn’t liked Rite2Run I may not have found yours’. Good luck!

    • Truly an inspiration. I started this road to fitness because I wanted to be able to play basketball with my kids when they are teenagers like my dad did me…

      Thanks for the motivation to keep it up!

  3. A Happy Birthday to your son! What a cutie! My youngest is the same age. It’s also great to see that Coach Crystal and you practice what you preach and have the children interested in fitness from so young.

  4. […] Half, right here in Birmingham on November 18.  I have started training already.  I also have the Rock ‘n Run obstacle course in Georgia in September and the Warrior Dash in Alabama in October. The training […]

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