INSANITY results

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post.  I always get nervous before posting results pics.  As many of you guys know, I failed at INSANITY once before and a few months back, I vowed to conquer Shaun T.  Well, I did it. INSANITY is a 60 day program.  With my obstacle course training added in, it took me a few more than 90 days to complete it.  I still feel AWESOME about the accomplishment.

The results… I lost inches on every measurement including 2.5 in my waist.  I also lost 14 lbs. Now for the pics…


And After:

Still got a ways to go, but I am still on the path.  (As I write this, I have cheese puff residue on my fingers.  I think my diet may still need adjustment. Haha!!)


Onederland = Winning

With credit to my fellow blogger for the Onederland idea (happily, she is here, too), I am happy to report that I have reached my original goal weight — a number starting with one.   I have actually been here for over a week (I didn’t want to jinx it when I first dipped under).  Since I started P90X, I have lost 40 pounds.  30 with myfitnesspal (which I cannot recommend enough).

Winning feels good, even to people who aren’t insane!

P90X2 was the program that got me started again after several months being satisfied with my P90X results.  Insanity kicked it up a notch and my new-found love of Obstacle Course racing certainly helped as well. The kicker was the new HRM which helped me blast through the last plateau.

That number was such a colossal mental barrier. I am certainly happy to have achieved it. I am now in better shape than anytime since law school (eight years ago).

I know find myself attempting to figure out my next goal… I don’t think it is a weight, per se, though my buddy has a number that he thinks is the perfect running weight (which I am about 7 pounds away from).

What do you guys think?  How do you go about setting new goals?

Heart Rate Monitor

I recently got a Polar F4 HRM for Father’s day. I had a HRM before, but never one that counted your calories.  This was such a great gift.  Something about knowing the actual calories that I have burned in an exercise has made all the difference.

This morning I did the INSANITY max recovery… It was hard, but not real hard.  Before, I would have noted that I worked out for the day, so I was good. However, now that I have a HRM that counts my calories, I knew I had only burned 300 calories.  So when lunch rolled around, I went to the gym for another workout.

I like the “in the zone” feature shown above, but fair warning, it beeps annoyingly when you drop below your range.  (You can probably turn the beep off, but directions are for sissies!!) Since I have gotten my new toy, I have blown through my weight plateau that I had been stuck on for a month.  It is really awesome.

The HRM is not doing the work, I am, but it is motivating and I am enjoying it.  If you are stuck on a plateau and need a little motivation, maybe a HRM is for you!!

INSANITY … literally

Well, she has done it. Coach Crystal has officially lost her mind.

Any NASCAR fan has heard of Talladega, one of the two restrictor plate races on the Circuit.  Restrictor plates are necessary to slow the car down because it is so fast. Anyway, in September, Talladega Speedway is hosting a half marathon to combat prostate cancer.  Coach Crystal wants to run it… not only that, she wants me to run it too.

It is a good cause and strikes close to home because my grandpa died of prostate cancer.  So I have agreed to do it. I have to complete it in 3.5 hours, so I should be ok even if I have to walk some of it.  You also run through areas that the public is generally not allowed to visit. You end at the finish line after running on the apron of the track.

(You can’t actually run on the track in the corners because they are banked — on a side note, I have driven a race car on that track… freaking awesome!! The corners sorta look like a wall rising up to you as you travel toward them at 160+, but while cars can handle them, ankles probably could not.)

So my INSANITY program has to be extended.  I am still doing it, but the last two weeks will probably take a month because I have to run three days a week.  Otherwise, I will never be ready in September. What do you guys think — is she insane or am I?

4:15, INSANITY – Max Cardio and Cardio Abs, and a P90X2 revisit

So I woke up at 4:15 this morning to grab an early workout. Coach Crystal usually works out this time but after a late night at the office, the workout room was all mine. Unfortunately, my body was upset with me for trying to stay up waiting on Coach Crystal and watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones before the free HBO weekend ran out. 🙂 (Those books are awesome. I like the series as well.)

So I wake up, get dressed, and head downstairs with zero motivation.  I remind myself of the tricks some of you guys helped me with and just decide I am going to start the DVD, no pressure. So I do. Then I start the warm-up.  I am moving slow… but I kept at it and it got better.  INSANITY – Max Cardio is the non-repeating, no rest routine.  Needless to say, I took a lot of breaks.  More than I usually would, but I had worked up a pretty good sweat by the time I finished. It was also the first double workout with cardio abs added at the end.  The cardio abs  is the same routine as the first month.  I really like it, though that last exercise still makes me giggle.

As the day went on, I just couldn’t be satisfied with the effort I gave on that workout. When I found myself with time for a second workout, I jumped on it. I didn’t want to do another INSANITY workout — that would be INSANE, so I pulled out an old P90X2 workout – Chest, Back and Balance.

INSANITY and P90X are vastly different routines. P90X2 allows rest time between each exercise (this routine was variation of push-ups followed by variations of pull-ups (so much more fun now that I can actually do pull-ups…. thanks, power bands.))  It was a really good workout, a nice break from INSANITY and I am glad I picked it up.

So keep working hard, and I will, too.  Good luck everyone!!

INSANITY — Month Number 2

I am getting started in Month 2 of INSANITY… yes, I am a little behind schedule. Vacation was not conducive to INSANITY (mainly because I was lazy).  Ha.

Anyway, Month 2 is… WOW!!  I thought the first month was tough, but had started to be able to keep up with the kids on the video (they are taking breaks, too!! ) Month 2 is not so much harder as it is longer.  Max Interval is 59 minutes (though most of the others are a few minutes shorter).

The basic premise of INSANITY is high intensity work followed by a short rest and back to high intensity.  For example, you may do four different exercises in succession for 45 seconds each. After this three minutes, you get a 30 second rest.  You would do these same four exercises for 3 rounds.  You take a 30 second rest and do four more exercises for three rounds.  Throw in a warmup (which is like another sweat inducing round, really), another exercise at the end, a stretch after warm up and at the end and voilà — you have your generic Month 1 workout (except core cardio… no repeated exercises and no water breaks, but there are “recovery” exercises).

Shaun T., if you tell me I should be more flexible by this point one more time…

Month 2 follows the same basic pattern except you add another three rounds of four different exercises.  I certainly feel the extra work.  One thing I have found, my lower body is sore after these workouts but not my upper body. I think that after years of pretty much neglecting my legs at the gym (“they get a workout during cardio”), my cardio ability (or lack thereof) is not the limiting factor in getting a good leg workout.

However, the basic upper body move in INSANITY is any number of a derivative of the push-up.  I am pretty well versed in push-ups (after P90X2) and therefore my cardio deficiency comes into play well before my muscles are exhausted doing push ups (moving or otherwise).  I think I am going to try to hit the gym, at least on the off day and get in some extra upper body strength work, though I will certainly rest my legs.

What do you guys think?


Does anyone else have problem with consistency? I know I do.  Yesterday, I did INSANITY plyo cardio circuit and followed it by running a mile and a half.  Today, I completely missed my workout. I have excuses, but that is all they are… I could have done it, just did not want to.

I will do it tomorrow, but  Insanity is a 60 day course and extending it to 75 days will certainly limit its effectiveness.  What do you guys do to stay consistent?  HELP 🙂