And the winner is….


I have been nominated for:

by Lizi (but not Liz, never Liz) author of diary of a half-hearted gym junkie. Lizi writes an AWESOME (or orsum) blog from across the pond.  (Anyone whose favorite P word is both P90X and Pole dancing  has to be pretty cool, right?) You should really check her out! And I certainly want to thank her for this award.

Now for a few bloggers who I would also like to nominate for this award…

Jen writes Jenkakio.  I am so jealous… she actually gets to live in Hawaii!!

Leesah writes 30andlearning from the great white north. Often hilarious but always interesting.

Shameka writes yourtruthdiet.  She is a girl scout cookie pusher who has lost over 80 lbs.;)

Nikki writes Nikki’sAdventuresinP90X.  Tony Horton has grown on her, too!!

These blogs are awesome, too.  I strongly recommend you checking them out!

A – Alabama

“Sweet Home Alabama” and “My home’s in Alabama, southern born and southern bred” … come down anytime for a visit. Tell me you are coming and I will show you around.

B – Birmingham

While I live in a suburb, I work right downtown.  Birmingham has its share of problems (mainly in its leadership), but it is beautiful as well.

C – Crimson Tide

As an alumni and fan, it is a fun time to cheer for the Crimson Tide.  You can usually find me in Tuscaloosa on Saturdays in the fall.

D –  Disney World

My kids are huge fans…and I like it, too.

E – Elephant

The mascot for the Crimson Time. (I just couldn’t think of an E!)

F – Family

Though I am only going to post pictures of those I have or can give permission for (See below). But I also have a wonderful extended family!!

G – Good Mornings

I drink Shakeology every morning.  I love it, especially the new Strawberry Vegan flavor.  (No, I am not vegan nor even vegetarian, it is just really good!!)  

H – Houston

Houston is my two year old. He is always up for helping me with Yoga!


Shaun T’s workout is not a joke. 


Is it the healthiest peanut butter?  Maybe not, but it reminds me of home, growing up and family. I am sure it is just wonderful marketing, but if worked on me. haha.  “Choosy moms choose JIF.” 

K – Kenley

My five year old.  If you couldn’t tell… Winking is HARD!

L – Lawyer

 It’s what I do.  Looks like even Lady Justice has been working out. Only FUNNY lawyer jokes, please…

M – My Children’s MOM

Coach Crystal.  She is a great mom.

N – Next Warrior Dash

May 20 in Georgia.  Join me!!

O – Mt. Olive

The suburb I live in.

P – Padawan

Padawan — it means student… and it’s from Star Wars.  The fact that I chose a Star Wars reference for my blog title does not make me a dork.  Yes, Coach Crystal, I am talking to you… haha.

Q – Quit

When it comes to this meandering journey to toward fitness… You only fail when you quit.

R –  Rap

Great workout Music!

S – Scott

That’s me. I think it is a pretty good name…

T – Tony Horton

The creator of P90X…if you haven’t had the chance to experience his corny motivation, you really should.

U – Pull-ups

When I first started with Tony Horton, I could do NO pull-ups… now I can get at least five without resting… and sets of twenty or more!!

V – Vulcan

He sits atop Red Mountain and overlooks all of Birmingham.  The top is where I proposed to Coach Crystal.

W – Warrior Dash

I have done one and am now a huge fan!!

X – eXtreme 

Beachbody workout programs can be extreme, but they are effective.

Y – Yoga

Everyone’s favorite P90x workout… yes, that was sarcasm!!

Z – Zoo 

The Trails of Africa recently opened.  Birmingham Zoo has elephants again!!

Wow, that was HARD…  but fun.


Tax day — is a fat tax coming?

Today is Tax Day… that wonderful day that everyone strikes a check to their government.  Just read an interesting “tax” article from across the pond.  Apparently, medical providers are arguing that the government should tax fatty foods due to the added cost that obese people have on government-run health care. I am sure whether it works or fails over there, we will have people clamoring for it over here soon.Can you  imagine the regulations a food tax would have? Little Debbie would have the best lobbyists money could buy and your Nutty Buddies would each cost $1 more to pay for it.  (not that you should be eating nutty buddies, but still). I read that the U.S. Tax Code already had more words than all the collected works of Shakespeare combined.  I had to take income tax in law school — talk about ridiculous.

 The author proposed (tongue in cheek, I think) having a “fat tax.”  Each year, your BMI would be calculated and if you were outside the guidelines, you would pay a higher tax. Personally, I think both proposals are ridiculous.  My government cannot spend less than it earns (or takes), do I really want bureaucrats dictating what I eat.  First step toward Soylent Green, people!! Haha!!

So I am going to keep doing INSANITY, watching my calories through, and drinking my Shakeology. I hope that by the time the “fat tax” becomes reality, I am getting a refund!! 

What are you going to do?

Accountability… no matter how I dread it.

I know I owe you all (or y’all) progress pictures. There are several reasons you haven’t gotten them. One my old computer has been having all sorts of issues and my pre-P90X2 shirtless pictures seem to have disappeared (you should thank my old computer — you probably just avoided nightmares).  The second is that I am just a little self-conscious (alright, a lot).  Of course, the reason I started this blog was to document my journey toward fitness.  And accountability is part of that process.  So without further ado…

What is so sad is that these all came after the first time I did p90x… why I decided to gain half of my weight loss back, I will never know.

After 30 days...

Ok, after 90 days of P90X2 (without following the nutrition plan except for drinking Shakeology for breakfast (starting about halfway through the program)), I lost 10 pounds and gained some significant muscle especially in my shoulders and arms.  Not there yet but closer than I was on my journey toward fitness:

Hiding the trouble spot!! haha

Consider these my before pics for INSANITY…

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

~Robert Frost

This poem has always been one of my favorites.  The decisions I have made in my past, both good and bad, have led me to this place.  Though rarely have I stopped to consider the two paths before me.  I have come to this, admittedly good, point in my life, through fate, circumstance, or luck.

I think it is time that I start being more considerate … to stare down both roads before making a decision.  Or at least to realize there are two paths.  I have no illusions that I will always choose the right one…but I should be mature enough to at least look.

And this thoughtfulness can apply to the choices we make in  everyday decisions such as what we will eat or whether we will work out… before you eat that cookie, look down the road to see where such poor choices may lead.  I have been down that path… it is not pretty!! 😉

Good luck on good decisions!!

Water water every where… why didn’t I drink some first?

So I started off the day in Court arguing a motion for about 3 hours, then had to drive like a maniac to another hearing in a Courthouse about an hour away.  I know, bad planning not to have someone covering the second one, but I had four hours in between!! Who knew? Anyway, I made it, but had no time to stop and pick up another water.  By the time that hearing was over, it was WAAAAY past my lunch time. I had had no food since Shakeology six hours before.  More importantly, I had had no water since before my first hearing.

Well, I stopped at the BBQ restaurant near the Courthouse.  I had intended to get water to drink, but when she asked, I said Sweet Tea.  I don’t know why I did this, but I did.  I then ordered chicken and beans, which was actually ok.  After leaving, I stopped to get gas and thought I would grab a water. Did I just grab a water, no, I also grabbed a Snickers peanut butter.  (250 calories for four bites?? Really?? Where is Coach Crystal’s raised eyebrow when you need it?) My lunch should have satisfied my hunger, so why did I grab that candy bar?  I think it was because I was dehydrated.

Everyone knows that water is important, but did you know that it is scientifically proven that  “increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy.” Cool, huh?  If today happens again, I will be buying a water before lunch (or at least before that Snickers Bar!!)  My Fitness Pal says I still have a few calories for supper, so it is not a total loss.

Do you know where the first part of my title came from?  Extra credit: do you know the author?

On the Road

My Atlanta Hotel

I write you tonight from a Marriott in Atlanta. Yes, I am on the Road again, but just for the night.  Thankfully, P90X2 is an off day tomorrow and I did plyocide today before hitting the road. I set my alarm to get up in the morning for a treadmill jog (I expect it to be way too cold for any jogging outside.)

The Fitness Center in the Hotel -- not bad.

Yes, you are right, I am not doing the Recovery and Mobility routine tomorrow.  P90X2 gives you the choice to rest instead. And I think a short jog will be a good recovery after plyocide. Some rest days, I do absolutely nothing, but knowing I will be eating out for lunch and probably dinner on the road tomorrow, I need to do some preemptive exercise. Wish me will power to make good choices… Coach Crystal isn’t here to give me “the look” about my choices.

I did think to pack my Blender Bottle and a serving of Shakelolgy, so I know my morning will start healthy.  If any of you haven’t tried the bottles with the little round whisk in them, you really should.  It mixes up powder better than the actual blender. I got mine at Dick’s and got my Shakeology from Coach Crystal.